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Arrow 3x06 + Reign 1x19 Reviewed

Roy killed someone in season 2 and finally recalls it. Oliver doesn’t really care. He is too busy hanging out with Roy in their kinky costumes. Oliver is an inexcusable ass. Oliver discovers he wasn’t Starling City’s first vigilante. Laurel uses fury as fuel. Ted Grant is hot. Felicity is yappy. Oliver will not stop bickering, whining and dismissing Ted Grant as a pleb. Oliver is a mass murderer and a sanctimonious ass.

Roy admits he thinks he killed Sara. Oliver needs a kicking. There is no positive affirmation. This episode was not consistent. Lance is an ass. There is endemic dislike of Ted Grant. Oliver has no objectivity. Diggle is an ass. The villain of the week makes a villain speech. There is rudimentary action, incoherent action, unsubtle happenstance and no Sin.

Oliver is angry, arrogant and controlling. It got Tommy killed. Not that he cares. Roy has the hero name Arsenal suggested to him. Oliver sanitises Roy murdering someone. Roy didn’t kill Sara though. There are boring Hong Kong flashbacks. Laurel sports a braid and Cupid shows up to bore.

Best Lines:
“He’ll be too dead to say anything.”

“Stay on Bluetooth.”

“Korean tacos?”


“I used to be you.”

“Mine’s bigger.”

“Don’t abandon me.”

“A visual autopsy.”

“Masks are also useful for serial killers.”

“You were just another weapon in his arsenal. And the second you do something wrong, he’ll turn his back on you.”

“Homicidal former vigilante apprentice.”

“I was hoping that you never would.”

“Get out of our lives as soon as possible.”

“Sign says closed, learn to read.”

Toy Soldiers
Francis is contemptible and is irreparably damaging his marriage. Henri is repellent and nihilistic when he learns Elizabeth is to inherit the English throne. Mary has no ability to connect action and consequences and her poor judgement goes on. One of Mary’s very powerful Guise uncles shows up. Penelope tries to re-engage with Henri. Catherine issues imminent threats to subordinates. Greer’s family visit. Bash gets his shirt off. This shows incremental improvement stops. Mary is unabashedly smug. Guise wants to be Lord Magistrate. There is bad acting. Francis eschews sense and makes ruinous choices. Henri’s mind has disintegrated and he plans to retake Calais. Hadn’t Mary Tudor already lost Calais by this point? This episode was unpromising and ill-judged. Francis is precarious and has philosophical opposition. Guise is not un-ambitious. Greer’s fiancé has integrity. Mary is sick of her lying husband. Well she has two more husbands to go, none of whom died a natural death.

Best Lines:
“This is where you thank me.”

“Losing bothers me.”

“Don’t make friends with the rats. They bite.”

“Be happy with me!”

“Vile little man.”

“Armies can be bought.”

“Are you even pregnant yet?”

“Whose succession?”
“Not yours I’m afraid. Word came from England. It’s official: Elizabeth will be their next Queen.”

“Surely a bounty of demeaning tasks await you in the kitchen?”

“He’s gone utterly mad.”
“Define utterly.”
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