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Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985 - 1989) 4x07 + The Flash 1x06 Reviewed

For Art’s Sake
An ‘artist’ named Arthur (Simon Williams of the 1971 ‘Upstairs, Downstairs’) takes credit for his wife Sarah’s work. He is also banging his curator/mistress Erica (Michele Scarabelli of ‘Alien Nation’, ‘Due South’, ‘Phantom 2040’ and ‘Kung Fu: The Legend Continues’). Arthur decides to kill Erica in a very cold manner. The acting in this is more wooden than the Black Forest. There is sleaze, pretentious art instillations and this is washed out looking. Arthur is smug and this is all a bit ‘Falcon Crest’ and then comes the cruel twist ending. This was bad with bad hair and the final shot makes no sense.

Best Lines:
“Just so predictable.”

“Talk about giving your life to art.”

“How can I possibly be alive?”

“If Erica goes out of business or dies.”

“That’s the oldest trick in the book.”

“Your wife or your mistress, but they’d never suspect the two of us together.”

The Flash Is Born
Dippy Iris blogs, Barry holds himself in very high regard and mistakes his own chin stroking blatherings for insight. Joe is not a moral force and Barry faces a not so resourceful adversary with bizarre psychopathy. Carlos has an inability to relate to others. Joe and Barry continue lying to Eddie and Iris for no clear reason. The adversary is Tony, Barry’s school bully all grown up. Eddie is aggressively beige and Joe ‘subtly’ interrogates Wells about his whereabouts during Nora’s murder.

Wells tells a sob story. Creeper Carlos nicknames Tony: Girder. Barry needs to stop acrimiously bad mouthing Eddie. Where is Iris’ mother? Joe is a pompous prat and into excessive unreasonable moralising and po-faced talking down. The Flash gets his name. The Man In The Yellow Suit returns to menace Joe. Why is Barry such an epochal event? Tony is super-peeved and scurrilous. Iris has no thinking skills. Barry lies, whines and yells. Violence is planned and poor destructive choices are made. Iris is in peril. There is OTT CGI and Barry gloats. This was good.

Best Lines:
“A big bad man.”

“Don’t talk about my dad.”
“Or what? Is he going to murder me too?”

“Your childhood nemesis.”

“Oh, speaking of pain.”

“Any idea who leather boy is?”

“Don’t run angry.”

“I’ve never gone that fast.”

“I don’t recall any dark matter lightening storms before I moved to town.”

“You just won’t stay dead.”
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