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Agents of SHIELD 2x07 + Stalker 1x04 Reviewed

The Writings On The Wall
A woman clearly au fait with the spray tan booth is murdered. The gang further traduce Ward and withdraw affection. Coulson sweats, carves, drops exposition, practices snootiness and is perturbed. He doesn’t have the virtuoso knowledge he thinks he does. Skye is overplayed. Tripp continues to misconstrue. A killer (Brian Van Holt) rants and carves stuff into people. Coulson and co are asses. Simmons has ripostes to Tripp’s general ignorance.

Coulson is a dreadful Director. Mockingbird exaggerates her aura. TPTB proffer banality. Hunter is dumb. Coulson lies and issues mocking rebuttals. There are boring flashbacks, CGI and Ward shaves. Skye does pratfalling. May is a boisterous ass. Tripp won’t shut up with his expressions of indelicate opinion. This episode had no adequacy at all. Coulson is disruptive, May plans murder, the sigils are not an evocative element and Coulson shows no contrition for his awful choices.

Coulson should not be Director, Ward gets away again and leaves peace offerings. Tripp has no modest eloquence, Coulson’s carving compulsion is suddenly gone and there is speechifying. This was crappy, outside the truth and with a surfeit of fistfights, curses of hatreds, fierce enemies and human beings marooned in inhumanity. The big reveal isn’t one.

Best Lines:
“No one’s looking but us.”

“Bring him in by any means necessary.”

“He’s not bluffing.”

“Dangerous psychopaths.”

“Psychic schism.”

“This isn’t life.”

“We thought you were dead.”
“Not dead. Waiting.”

“The lunatics are running the asylum.”

“Designed to revive a fallen Avenger.”

“SHIELD being run by a man that’s part alien?”

“There’s two guys trying to kill each other.”

“You want pain? Come and get some.”

“It’s a city.”

Women are pursued by a sadistic serial stalker. Jack whines, Beth is guarded and her stalker lurks. There is bad screaming and this was desultory. Jack is worldly and women are stupid and annoying. Dating sites cause issues. This show has no concision, Beth’s friend unknowingly boffs a stalker, a guy has crazy traits and Jack menaces said guy. A bad cover version of that famous Sting song plays. Beth has secrets and her stalker has a wall of crazy. This was ugh.

Best Line:
“This level of terror stalking.”
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