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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ teaser
The crucifix shaped lightsaber offends me.

‘Olive Kitteridge’ promo

I will review ‘Empire of Dust’.

I am reading ‘No One Gets Out Alive’.

An ‘Independence Day 2’? Why?

‘Foul Deeds Will Rise’ review delayed.

Ah, the Great Schism of 1054.

Meta Incognito - limits unknown.

RIP P.D James.

‘Father Ted’ Quote:
“Don’t tell me I’m still on that fecking island!”

‘No One Gets Out Alive’ Quotes:
“He looked and smelled as if he had been sleeping in the street.”

“They are aware of you.”

‘Cuckoo’ Quotes:
“Why would you agree to that? You’re supposed to love me.”

“Kind of like.”

“She is un-mounted.”

“Your predatory no-hoper son.”

Lemony lemonade - yum.
Salt and black pepper cashew nuts - ok.
Apple sausages - ugh.

‘Bejeweled’ is apparently crystal meth in video game form.

Recalled some more old UK comic stories. ‘Balloon of Doom’ in which an evil balloon menaces a girl. Stupid. Then there was ‘Nothing Ever Goes Right’ about a girl whose bad luck starts with her pony falling into barbed wire. The accident causes her face to be scarred and her pony has to be put down. It ends with poverty, her parents dead, the neighbours hateful and unhelpful, she’s homeless and then dies and is buried in an unmarked grave. Depressing.

Then there was ‘Young S.J’ which was a prequel to ‘The Honourable S.J’ in which the wicked spoilt brat schoolgirl is a tween and blackmails and bullies at her boarding school before being unmasked and disgraced. Then there was ’Is It?’ which was a sequel to ’The Honourable S.J’ in which S.J’s nemesis Ann suspects her new schoolmate is S.J with a bleach job and horn rimmed glasses. She’s right. Okay. ’The Siege of Sydney Street School’ was originally published in 1967.  Finally there was ‘Sandra of the Secret Ballet’ in which a woman abducts girls and takes them to an island to train them to be ballerinas. Nobody has any problem with this, at first. Okay.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Diane disowns Sinead again.

On ‘Neighbours’: I’m sick of Paige’s whining and self pity. Josh has got away scot-free with his coward punching. Josh and Brad’s dad finally notice Terese’s dispersing. Brad makes a reassessment of his marriage. Brad’s dad doesn’t like Terese. Karl buys ugly art. Paul is nice; remember when he was the local psychopath? Brad’s distorted representations of things are exposed and he obviously is still panting after Lauren. Paige barges in where she’s not wanted. Lauren and Brad have another private chat. Everything is Paige’s fault. Brad has no regrets. Terese reveals that she was Brad’s mistress when he was married to Beth. Terese got knocked up with twins and so Brad and Beth’s marriage of less than a year ended. Brad has a son with Beth he doesn’t seem to care about.

Paige shoves her nose into other people’s business. Brad’s dad won’t leave. Josh skips out on probation. Remember Lauren and Matt’s rancid thug son Mason? Paige wrecked Brad and Terese’s marriage and gets away with it. Sonya whines. Brad doesn’t care. Brennan is always sticking his nose into other people’s business. Brad complains about Terese to Lauren. Paul thinks Terese can do better. Josh gets away with not doing community service. Josh issues moral declarations. Sonya is reported for child neglect.

Best Lines:
“So explain.”

“This is because of Paige?”

“You don’t walk out.”

“The place with the pig.”

“Their marriage was fine until you arrived.”

“I’m judging me.”

“Brad on the other hand, is useless, lazy and a cheat.”

“Forgave your philandering husband over and over again.”
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