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Movie Review: Jug Face (2013)

Also known as ‘The Pit’, this indie horror has an animated opening about how a small backwoods community became worshippers of some eldritch abomination in a pit. There is nudity, pottery, sex, visions and a pervasiveness of uneasy dereliction. Ada (Lauren Ashley Carter) doesn’t want to be joined at the next full moon to the local idiot Bodey, she wants to be with the local hottie Jessaby (Daniel Manche).

Ada and her careworn melancholy lies, avoids obligations, is ungracious and has a smart, surly mouth. But the Pit must be fed, no matter what she wants. This is a good rural horror. The community have their ways, do laundry in the creek, eat roadkill, chug moonshine and Ada’s mother Loriss (Sean Young) overacts wildly. Ada’s lies get people killed and Loriss ratchets up her crazy abusiveness full tilt and is strenuously awful. Ada’s pa Sustin (Larry Fessenden) is affable but the exploitative nature of the community causes things to escalate dramatically.

Sexuality is policed, things have been done this way since the pox, intestines are ripped out, ghosts wander, blood sacrifice is carried out and the people in the nearby town like the storekeeper (Chip Ramsey) suspect but don’t want to know. Ada stands idly by but the cost of going against the prevailing attitude is too high. There is tragedy, a moment or two of black comedy and general bleakness. This is bizarre and enjoyable even if it is only 77 minutes long.

Best Lines:
“May I go to the Pit? I’d like to pray on it.”

“That’s the way it is, you best get used to it.”

“You dripping then?”

“I thank the Pit with all my heart for making it so.”

“No biting!”

“Pack of three.”
“Make em last.”

“The Pit ain’t spoken to you at all?”

“Get em off.”

“My daughter’s going to wander these woods, shunned forever.”

“The Pit has spoken.”

“Let it be known.”

“You’re one of the shunned.”

“I forgave, but they did not.”

“The sacrifice didn’t take?”

“Who else’s would it be?”

“Is what you say true?”

“Woman shut your mouth and let me think!”

“Why are you still alive?”
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