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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Flash’ 1x08 promo
I want the Arrow to kick Barry’s ass.

‘Agent Carter’ promo
She fights a guy with a stapler and it is an ‘8-part television event’?!?

‘Agent Carter’ promo 2
Ray Wise, a big red hat and a blonde wig. Mmmm.

George Eads has left ‘CSI’, again. So how about a ‘Savannah’ reboot George?

What is the ‘Sherlock’ 2015 Christmas special about?

‘Constantine’ is cancelled? Ha ha ha ha ha.

Christmas horror movie ‘Krampus’ sounds weird.

Read the Robert Picardo gossip, I laughed.

I will review ‘No One Gets Out Alive’, ‘Two Hundred and Twenty One Baker Streets’, ‘Ghostmaker’, ‘Eclipse’ and ‘Target’.

Reviews of ‘Dreams of the Golden Age’ and ‘Cthulhu Cymrag’ delayed whilst I won’t be reading ‘Hardship’ or ‘Damnation’.

Chocolate Buttercream cupcake - nice.

On ‘Neighbours’: Kyle’s deadbeat dad shows up, has a good cry and leaves again. Brad must have cognitive impairment; he alienates Terese more and steadfastly fails to check back into his marriage. Brad is useless and thick. Terese decides to leave and move into Paul‘s hotel. Imogen being thick like her dad fails to notice. It’s all Paige’s fault.

Best Line:
“You mess with the pig, you get the tusks.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Jason’s issues bore. Dennis and Blessing left by running off to the seaside. Cameron’s ‘old friend’ Shane shows up. Leela wears hot pants in November in a church. Holly has a Katniss side braid. Rick is rough around the edges. Diane and Tony are bound in unholy matrimony. Kim doubts Freddie. Lindsey is pathetic. Tony calls Sinead trampy. Diane shames Tony and Sinead at the reception and plans a money grab divorce.
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