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House Of Cards 2x12&2x13 + Stalker 1x03 + The Flash 1x05 Reviewed

Chapter 25
The POTUS’ marriage counselling has come to the attention of the special prosecutor. Walker is finally onto Underwood’s creeping determinism and shuns him. Underwood has done serious damage to Walker’s standing and it goes on. Jackie is disproportional. The pretty and demure Mrs Walker listens to Claire’s poison. More people are onto Underwood as his stealth tactics aren‘t so stealth. Durant has no quaver in joining him. Walker practices exclusionary policies. Tusk blusters.

Doug plays Rachel. Jackie is an ass to disincentive Claire. A travesty of democratic action takes place. Walker is his own worst enemy. The hacker does boring stuff. Remy (Mahershala Ali of ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 1’) lurks. Rachel has to accede to Doug’s demands. Impeachment is brought up. Ill-fitting clothes are worn. Jackie finally realises the extent of the Underwood’s ambition. This was good.

Best Lines:
“This office breeds paranoia.”

“We’re only as strong as the President we serve. We have to rescue him.”

“You are a man without a passport. Whatever assets Beijing hasn’t seized are frozen in every country with close ties to the United States or China.”

“She needs to be gone.”

“Duty doesn’t require thanks.”

“You’ve made a powerful enemy.”

“You and your pills.”

“Lie better than that.”

“You may call them facts.”

“Help us finish it.”

Chapter 26
Walker is an outmoded and archaic ass. His pill popping is out. Linda testifies as she and Walker plot against Underwood in an unpragmatic step. It all comes down to Tusk. Jackie leads a charge against Walker. Claire sees consequences. There is not a whisper of the CWI. Tusk swaggers and strikes. The hacker won’t concede. Underwood manages to fool Walker, again. Walker is stupid and an ass. Kern returns. The sly Underwood is a psychopath. The hacker menaces Doug. Rachel finally cracks. There is rescinding and realigning. This was good.

Best Lines:
“He’s lying though his teeth.”

“We spin him as power-hungry and duplicitous.”

“He will replace Walker.”

“I have an out, you don’t.”

“Hubris is giving you delusions of grandeur.”

“He would have been better off in the grave and we would have been better off without him.”

“It elicits fear and respect.”

“Did you offer him something?”

“So we’ll beat him down.”

A bride is shot on her wedding day. Her normcore ex is suspected. Jack makes another bad impression. TPTB pander to Jack’s POV. Jack is a stupid, sweaty little git and somehow no-one knows he is Amanda’s discarded ex. A creepy cover of ‘The Breakfast Club’ theme song plays. A nut lurks in a closet. There is bad acting, a twist, gurning, walls of crazy and resentful stalking. This was pretty poor and a waster show. The crazy of the week is ideological. Jack’s ex is a bitch and he stalks her and her toyboy cop lover some more. Are TPTB telling us she is asking for it? Because that is how it is coming across.

Best Lines:
“I was laying it down right.”

“Her father and every cop in LA would come after me.”

“Was that insult accidental or intentional?”

“An underlying psychosis.”

“His rational thinking was thrown off.”

“I don’t want it poisoning my unit.”

“The answer will always be no.”

“You were not even in the top 20.”

Cisco is a concern troll. Barry whines that he can’t get drunk and that Iris isn’t boning him. Barry needs cognitive reconstruction. Joe cold walls, lies and threatens violence. A menacing General (Clancy Brown of ‘Highlander’ and ‘Earth 2’) shows up. Bette, a metahuman who can blow stuff up, is in need of aid. Barry is an ass and Iris is a dim bulb. Cisco is a dude-bro. Bette and her silly name is befriended. But creepy Wells plays her. Central City isn’t very central as it is on the coast. Barry can walk on water. Barry lies. Snow makes him 500 proof booze. The General and Wells have a history. A flashback to 5 years ago shows Wells having plans for Grodd. This was good.

Best Lines:
“Such a spectacular public failure.”

“Just run really fast.”

“The floor just blew itself up.”

“How the mighty have fallen.”

“We do not want him as an enemy.”

“It will be, when you’re not in it.”

“Vertical suspension.”

“Powerful men have a way of avoiding consequences.”

“The night the impossible was born.”

“We’re done.”

“Threaten me again and I will end you General. And I am not talking about your career.”

“I’ve figured out your little secret Wells, won’t be long before the public catches on as well.”
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