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Trailers, Quotes and a 1996 Tape Tale

‘Jurassic World’ trailer
Kids, a monorail, aquatic dinosaurs, a hybrid, a 40 foot high wall, Chris Pratt and I’m not sure.

Best Line:
“Something chases you: run.”

‘Elementary 3x03 promo

The Conjuring 2’ delayed until 2016?

Oscar Isaac is to play Apocalypse in ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’.

ITV are doing ‘Jekyll and Hyde’, but BBC1 already did it back in 2007.

‘The Missing’ has turned to crap.

I plan to review ‘The Pyramid’.

Mini beef burgers topped with a roasted vegetable melt on a garlic bread crostini with basil and pesto drizzle - very good.
Chocolate brownie - divine.

‘16 and Pregnant’ Quote:
“Before I get a knife and stab him.”

‘NCIS: LA’ Quotes:
“A fireproof safe under his floor.”

“Commencing shadow mode.”

‘Bad Education’ Quotes:
“How to gut a reindeer with a piece of bark.”

“Don’t tell me. I’ll watch the reconstruction on ‘Crimewatch’.”

“What if ‘The Hunger Games’ came true?”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Jumped up and commenced doing it.”

“Official oppression.”

“Contact and threats.”

“Two court proceedings against them.”

“A false sense of superiority.”

“This woman won’t stop harassing.”

“Harassment that has gone from coast to coast.”

“We conspired with social workers, judges.”

“Crazy assumptions.”

“To change my name and move.”

“So wrong and so adamant that she’s right.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’ TPTB confirmed that Ste is to get HIV. Shrug. Lindsey plans to cheat on Joe with Freddie. WTF is with her historical amnesia? Freddie dumps Lindsey in yet another blatant attempt to manipulate her. Lindsey ignores her newborn son to dwell on Freddie. Sam and Danny’s house is up for sale. Freddie sulks and is jealous of Joe Jnr. Trevor has to bend over to talk to Dennis as he is nearly a foot taller than him. Lindsey is worse than Mandy and her endless whining about her bad dad. Darren returns. Sinead wears hooker shoes and a two inch leather miniskirt to Diane’s hen-do. Teegan screams at Ziggy and weeps. Freddie shoves Grace over a balcony and nobody notices. On her wedding day Diane figures out Tony got Sinead knocked up. Freddie gets away with his crimes, again.

Best Lines:
“He’s done in Mercedes.”
“Says who?”

“You know, when Diane got arrested.”

“My new Vin Diesel look.”

“Gangster wannabe?”

“Wash the smell of baby sick off.”

Cleared out a 1996 tape. It began with an ‘Alien Nation’ ep ‘Fifteen With Wanda’ which had unfunny comedy, dated pop culture references, a perv and a guest appearance by Lori Petty. This was bad.

Then came an ‘X Files’ ep ‘Syzygy’ which saw Ryan Reynolds killed off in the teaser and two skanky teenage girls weaponize trust, invalidate feelings and engage in severe triangulation. This was dull.

Then came a ‘Babylon 5’ ep ‘Messages From Earth’ in which the crew finally start reacting. There are Shadow ships, plot set up, dated SFX, bad acting, a sket and OTT music. There is staring, an EarthGov ship turns up, Delenn war mongers, Lennier snots and there are useless subplots. This was boring and EarthGov declares martial law.

Best Lines:
“There would be unfortunate consequences.”

“It’s awake.”


“With all due respect for your innovative choice of strategy.”

Finally there was another ‘Babylon 5’ ep ‘And The Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place’. G’Kar babbles, bizarre alien food is eaten, Londo is awful and religious types show up. Centauri plot with brazen unscrupulousness and this was boring. Even if Londo’s enemy was killed to the tune of a gospel song.
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