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Book Reviews: Fear Nothing + Madhouse

Fear Nothing by Lisa Gardner
From the author of ‘The Third Victim’, ‘Gone’, ‘Hide’, ‘Say Goodbye’ and ‘Live To Tell’ comes this tale of D.D. Warren who is hunting a theatrical killer. She is assisted by Dr Adeline Glen who has a dark family legacy she cannot escape. This was a good tale of sisters, fractured feelings and pain.

Best Lines:
“Let alone wander the streets of Boston without gathering attention.”

“A security team armed with mattress shields had been summoned to forcibly enter her cell.”

“That’s why I lived in the closet.”

“The devil sent Shana to be our undoing.”

Madhouse by Rob Thurman
This 2008 ‘Cal Leandros’ novel is full of quasi-existential over-sharing. Sawney Bean shows up to kill people. There is misogyny, babbling and a perceptive gap. This has about as much depth as a subtweet.

Best Line:
“Worthless meat. I don’t fear you.”
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