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Elementary 3x01 + Stalker 1x02 Reviewed

Enough Nemesis To Go Around
Holmes took Joan wanting her own space badly and ran off for 8 months. Joan has her own PI business, a posh apartment and she is caring for Clyde and sporting more hooker shoes. What happened to the bees? This show is still languishing. Joan is all smug defensiveness and stalks a woman (Gina Gershon and her awful cosmetic surgery). This was written by people who had a few too many at a golf club bar. Joan has pathologies and her transitory ardour for Holmes has faded. Holmes returns and is unloving and doesn’t apologise for absconding.

Holmes is an effusive ass. Gregson has an aversion to Holmes’ insouciance. Holmes deserves all the antipathy he gets. MI6 fired him apparently. Holmes seems to have forgotten about the man he was sponsoring. Holmes the dry poser needs to shut up. Bell is disproportionate. Joan meets Kitty, her replacement. Holmes has plans, which don’t seem to involve helping Mycroft. Holmes is pernicious and divisive. Joan is all ignominity and into ho wear. This show creates an uncomfortable disconnect.

Best Lines:
“Her legal dream team added yet another member.”

“I don’t care that you’re back.”

Whatever Happened To Baby James?
Another pestilential stalker shows up. Jack’s ex wife expedites her end by blowing him off for seemingly no reason. A man looks back on his marriage with awful clarity. A stalker is temperamentally capable of empathy. Everyone is all accusement of Jack. There is bad acting and Jack is seemingly persecuted by everyone. He is a sexist and TPTB revolve the show around him and not Beth A perv makes excuses. Jack’s ex wife works in the DA’s office and shows up at the TAU office - but of course she does. Beth’s stalker lurks. TAU totally misread the case at first. A teenage girl is slut shamed and a crazy woman shouts a lot. This show is an international joke. What did Jack do and why does is ex hate him so much? Beth’s stalker ups the ante.

Best Lines:
“It seems too brazen.”

“Is the tree a suspect?”

“We have the wrong victim.”

“Psychotic delusion.”

“I don’t want you to know him Jack.”
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