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The Blacklist 2x07 + Reign 1x16 Reviewed

The Scimitar (no. 22)
Liz yells at Tom in tortured frustration. She doesn’t get a positive response. Red orates like an off-the-peg Hemingway. A hitman heads to the US and this is a man who once aerated a man’s carotid with a fork. Ressler is disingenuous. Liz is corrupt and I doubt that’ll ever occur to her - most things don’t. Liz falls for an old trick. Red makes a move. Exploitation, need and morality as social constructions should be themes but aren’t. Still this was good but has lost the initial impact and intrigue of season 1. There is a big twist regarding the woman Red has been looking for.

Best Lines:
“Chained to the floor.”

“He’s falling from a 12 storey balcony.”

“A tragic and frankly mysterious misunderstanding.”

“Zebra mussels!”

“How you know this?”

“He doesn’t exist.”

“You tell me what’s in the syringe or I will stick it in you and find out for myself.”

“Keep your plumping covered.”

“She’s yours.”

Henri is facetious, deplorable, dreadful and nonchalantly abhorrent. Francis and his Johnny Foreigner hair has no social talent. There is the Queen of the Bean party which is ‘won’ by a kitchen maid named Penelope. Catherine plans to deal with the bimbo cargo but finds herself outwitted by the slut. Bash returns. Francis is imbecilic and simultaneously an offensive dim toff. Penelope plans to join the rarefied social elite on a more permanent basis. There is reconciliation. I am unimpressed by everything Mary does. Nobody uses formal grammar. Greer is erroneous and is repudiated by her intended. Francis and Bash try to end the dastardly crimes of the very human Darkness. There are new engagements arranged in haste to avoid disgrace. Henri forces Bash and Kenna to wed at sword point. Kenna whines. Surely the marriage wouldn’t be valid as it was conducted at sword point? This was okay.

Best Lines:
“A creature from hell.”

“The Bean Queen.”

“Should I feign surprise?”

“He has seven tasters.”

“You stupid kitchen whore.”
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