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Book Reviews: Disavowed + Cold Wars + Daring

Star Trek Section 31: Disavowed by David Mack
Bashir was arrested, drummed out of Starfleet and now lives in exile. All for the crime of saving the Andorian race from extinction. So where are his former co-workers? Nowhere to be seen and not helping him. But Section 31 does want him.

This is a follow up to 2001’s ‘Section 31’ novels ‘Cloak’, ‘Rogue’ and ‘Abyss’ which themselves sprang out of the ‘DS9’ episode ‘Inquisition’. It is also a crossover with the now defunct ‘Mirror Universe’ series. Bashir and his uninteresting girlfriend go to work for Section 31 again. This time they must infiltrate the mirror universe to stop the Breen from stealing a highly advanced ship.

Bashir has cold contempt for Section 31 and makes smug self-righteous declarations about it that annoy. He fails to envision what would happen if the Breen succeed. The Mirror Universe people are as inexcusably awful as ever, the Terran Empire has been restored in all but name in the 15 years since Bashir and Kira crossed over in the ‘DS9’ episode ‘Crossover’. This was good and the story will continue in ‘Section 31: Control’.

Best Lines:
“If your fleet attempts orbit without my permission, it’ll do so in the form of burning scrap.”

“Our threats are not the least bit veiled.”

“You know nothing of us, but you hold us in low esteem.”
“I’ve had a great many unpleasant dealings with your counterparts in my universe.”

Star Trek New Frontier Gateways: Cold Wars by Peter David
This was Book 6 of the 7 book ‘Gateways’ epic crossover saga from 2001. The Iconians have returned and stuff goes on. Aliens with names made up out of letters assembled by a fist mashing a keyboard do stuff. There is bad dialogue, idiot comedy, awful people, bullying, bad writing, class invective and a cliff-hanger ending. This is as bad as the other ‘New Frontier’ books and is an irrelevant unattractive deviant mess that should be vigorously forgotten.

Best Lines:
“Giant Lied.”

“His uniform was not entirely flattering to his waistline.”

“Are you threatening me?”
“Yes. Is it working?”

Daring by Elliott James
Book 2 of the ‘Pax Arcana’ series isn’t as good as ‘Charming’. It also isn’t called ‘Dashing’ like I originally thought. John Charming defects from the Knights to join a werewolf clan led by a charismatic leader. But it’s all false equivalence and John finds autonomy is a lie. So he has to prevent an evil plan from being implemented. This was dull, badly written and full of bizarre plot changes and ‘twists’. I’m done with this series and its excessive capitalisation.

Best Line:
“Why did you decapitate Tobias Saunders and nail his head to a church door, by the way?”
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