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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘White Collar’ one last con promo

‘The Flash’ promo
Shut up Barry.

‘The Leftovers’ promo
Looks nothing like the book.

Stir Fry - ok.

I won’t review ‘Forever’ 1x07 ‘New York Kids’.

The European Space Agency landed on Comet 67P, just not very well.

‘Father Ted’ Quote:
“Run Dougal. Run quite fast.”

‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ Quotes:
“You make it sound so ominous.”
“Isn’t it?”

‘Awkward’ Quote:
“These are photos of warts and lesions.”

'Dr Phil' Quote:
"Some mental place."

Anyone else recall legendary 90s period drama ‘The Camomile Lawn’? Or how Ben Elton used to appear on TV wearing a purple spangled suit ranting about M&S and Thatcher?

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Carmel is dead and thus gone from the opening credits. Patrick tried to ensure Maxine died in childbirth but she didn’t. Maxine coos over baby Minnie. Nico needs a kidney transplant so Sienna tells Dodger that he is Nico’s father. Dodger walks off.

On ‘Neighbours’: Brennan and Brad are himbos. Chris is berated for disliking the thuggish duplicitous punk Josh. Paige takes over Lauren and Matt’s house. Terese is angry and staring daggers at Lauren while seething. Lauren is Paige obsessed. Paige is polarising and causing social Armageddon. She got away with months of irrational conniving, property destruction and attempted murder. Yet Matt tells Terese off. Terese stares distractedly into the middle distance. Paige doesn’t care she abandoned her adoptive brother and mother to run off after Lauren. Brad and his moral cowardice aggravates Terese some more. Everyone babies Paige for some reason. The needlessly confrontational Paige punches Amber in the eye. Screw Paige and her mock obeisance. Paige is unrepentant and gets away with it. Daniel’s ex shows up. Brad continues to destroy his marriage. He cheated on his first wife Beth with Terese so what goes around comes around. Imogen won’t stop talking.

Best Lines:
“She moved in and took over.”

“Really? What’s the point?”
“Why would you say that?”

“I’d thump him and problem solved.”

“Which is why I got expelled!”

“She so did this on purpose!”

“I did not reject you.”
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