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Book Review: The Falcon Throne

The Falcon Throne by Karen Miller
A major new fantasy epic begins with this thick volume. In a medieval-stasis world, every crown is tarnished by the blood of ambition. Roric rises up against his tyrant cousin but his best intentions only lead to rot and ruin. A royal heir believed dead grows to adulthood determined to regain his father’s stolen throne. A widow defies the lords who control her. And two royal brothers are divided by ambition and treachery. And unseen in the shadows, someone is orchestrating it all for unfathomable reasons.

This is a very good book that covers 20 years and is full of fascinating tragic doomed characters. Roric faces public notoriety, impostor syndrome and the inevitability of his overthrow. The widow ignores blunt truths to her cost. The hidden unobtrusive heir is raised by a quasi mad-woman. And the evil brother happily murders all who oppose him seeing himself as the inexorable face of the future. Roll on Book Two!

Best Lines:
“To my way of thinking, Balfre farts with sinister purpose.”

“Your pestilent duchy.”


“Do you tell me they’ll be missed? Any of them?”
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