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Children of the Stones (1977)

Children of the Stones (1977)
A cult classic that featured ominous music, ominous Neolithic stones and ominous local people in the small village of Milbury. The village of Milbury is one of those cursed places where you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

Into The Circle
Adam, a professor and his smart-alec son Matt arrive in Milbury. Adam's come to do a study on magnetism and the local Neolithic stones. Soon there is all kids of ominous foreshadowing that something's rotten in Milbury: the ominous landlord, the ominous painting, the local kids do very advanced math and when Adam touches a stone he has a vision and flops around on the ground like a fish. Sure it looks dated, all the interior scenes look stagy, all the men have 'He-Man' haircuts and when two kids get into a fight, one throws a punch that clearly misses the other by at least a foot but this is good.

Best Lines:
"By the time Stonehenge was completed, people had been worshipping here for, oh, a thousand years or more."
"Worshipping what?"

"Suppose they all turn out to be nutters?"

"Have you any idea what one and one make?"
"Me dad's a farmer miss."
"Explain yourself."
"Well on a farm, put one and one together, usually get a third."

Circle of Fear
Matt runs into Dai who he calls "The village idiot." Dai's been stalking Matt since he arrived in the village, but this is a good thing as Dai knows that something is rotten in Milbury, he has trouble conveying this though as his dialogue is incomprehensible. Adam befriends Margaret the curator of the rather grubby local museum and together they investigate the weirdness of the stones. It seems the stones are aligned toward something and a lot of ley lines converge on the village. One dark night, Matt sees the locals in the dark doing some weird ritual at the stones. This was another good episode. The fact this was made in the 70's is made clear when Adam has to communicate with America via a telegram.

Best Lines:
"Don't meddle with the stones."

"Nobody ever leaves the circle."

Serpent in the Circle
At Matt's school it's like 'The Stepford Children' as a previously dim-witted child is suddenly a happy clappy type who can do advanced maths. Dai shows off a weird artefact he has to Matt and his new pal Sandra. Neither child actor can actually act. Adam learns the stones align toward a supernova which is now a blackhole. Hendricks the creepy landlord is a former astronomer. This was okay.

Narrowing Circle
Nobody comments on the fact that all the families in the village are single parented ones. Matt turns out to be psychic, which leads to more rotten child acting. More people change personality. Someone comments on the strange fact that Milbury has no church. Dai is found dead. Sadly this was a mediocre ep.

Charmed Circle
Dai's body vanishes. It is clear that Hendricks is up to something when he invites Margaret and her daughter Sandra over for dinner. He shows them off his OTT dining table set and his digital clock. Sandra is more amazed by the digital clock then the solid stone dining table and chairs. Hendricks then does a villain speech and swivels around in his swivelling stone throne. For some reason Sandra and Margaret don't run away. This was good despite two extremely ridiculous moments: Hendricks swivelling chair and Matt uttering the line: "It was like I felt when Bob wasn't run over by that lorry that never appeared."

Squaring the Circle
Hendricks the self made Lord of the Manor, is a nut. Sandra and Margaret are now both happy, clappy types. Adam and Matt try to leave the village but can't. Adam starts blathering on about a time shift. This was okay.

Full Circle
It seems Hendricks is doing some ritual involving the stone circle and black hole. What he is doing isn't fully explained. Adam and Matt utter technobabble as they try to foil Hendricks plan to turn them into happy clappys. Their plan depends on Hendricks not owning a watch. Hendricks plan is foiled and everyone personalities change again. Adam and his son leave town. But the final scene makes clear that the cycle can't be broken. This was okay, nothing was really explained. It was all hints and suggestion and all the more creepy for it.
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