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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

'Suburban Gothic’ trailer
From the maker of ‘Excision’ comes this tale of an orange guy (Matthew Gray Gubler) who moves back in with his parents. His orange dad (Ray Wise) is awful but orange guy falls for a bar wench (Kat Dennings). Ghosts are hunted and the duo become supernatural detectives. Looks okay.

‘The Pyramid’ trailer
This found footage mummy movie looks good apart from the CGI toxic air. Idiots uncover a pyramid with only three sides and go inside. Cue gaping, blood, booby traps, sand and a thing.

Best Lines:
“It has been called the curse of the pharaohs.”

“No other tombs are disturbed.”

“This is a warning.”

“Keeping whatever is inside from escaping.”

The Legacy’ promo

‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 1’ TV spot

‘Get On Up’ TV spot

‘Doctor Who’ Christmas special promo

‘Awkward’ Quotes:
“Now leave, it’s what you do best.”

“A detox from the crack pipe.”

‘Happy Endings’ Quotes:
“I will stop at nothing to lay waste to what you so tragically call your life.”

“Not a place that you go it’s a place that you end up.”

‘The Newsroom’ Quote:
“We don’t do good TV, we do the news.”

‘Teen Mom 2’ Quote:
“Are you really stuck up his ass that much?”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Lock their food in cages.”

“She has sucked the life out of us all.”

“We have found her passed out in the driveway.”

“I have three sugar daddies.”

“I’ve stolen mouthwash and I will drink the whole thing.”

“My daughter’s under a bridge.”

“Emotional extortion.”

“I will kill myself or get raped under a bridge if you put me out bitch.”

“The highest form of insanity I’ve heard in a long time.”

“They’re not watching me.”

“I’m not guilt motivated.”

“You choose to do this.”

“Horrible mother.”

‘The Falcon Throne’ Quotes:
“Clemen has judged you, and Clemen spits you out like the rabid offal you are.”

“You spoiled slattern.”

“Topple that bastard Roric from his stolen throne and into his traitor’s grave.”

“False hope is the poison that kills good men.”

“That he tripped over a tree-root and fell on his own sword?”

“As though she weren’t the scribe of her own miserable fate.”

‘Arbella’ Quotes:
“The hands which he would never wash fiddling constantly around his cod-piece.”

“This lady who will bring trouble to his house.”

‘Criminal Minds’ Quotes:
“They used a knife followed by seven other items found in the kitchen.”
“A doorstop, even a ceramic cat.”

Channel 4 headline: Labour’s leader’s lost. Ha!

I won’t review: ‘The End Games’, ‘Nightmare Carnival’ or ‘Angel & Faith’ season 10 Issue 8.

There is to be a ‘Suicide Squad’ movie? Classy.

Ocean aged wine? I’ve heard it all.

Mark Wahlberg is to play ‘The Six Billion Dollar Man’ - poor Lee Majors.

Tom Ellis has gone down in my estimation.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Carmel plots against her low class family. Maxine is back with Patrick. Dodger returns. John-Paul makes a resentful spectacle of himself at Porsche and Lockie’s wedding. He is determined to call Lockie on his erroneous falsehoods.

On ‘Neighbours’: Misbegot henwit Paige milks the drama. Brad shouts. Matt tells Lauren he read her journal and she has a hissy fit. She needs to find shame. Matt’s upset. Why is he apologising to Lauren? She needs to apologise. So what if she whelped Paige? Lauren and Brad are snail-witted. Paige needs to go and Lauren and Matt are fine again.

Best Lines:
“Just another Paige drama.”

“Living across the road from it.”
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