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Book Review: Zomburbia

Zomburbia by Adam Gallardo
This is a post zombie apocalypse novel. Courtney Hart is a voraciously cynical high school student/drug dealer in a podunk town. Zombies rose years ago but people have adapted to live with them. Zombies aren’t supposed to be an imposition but they are getting faster and smarter. In between wondering about why that is Courtney deals with her frenemy and her idiot boyfriend. Her initial defiant tone takes on a more pragmatic conciliatory touch as a series of sick and twisted events take place. This was good with interesting world building and I will read the sequel ‘Zombified’.

Best Lines:
“If you see her, tell her it’d be great for her to put in an appearance around here. The lawn needs mowing.”

“You almost looked happy.”

“One minute I was Miley Cyrus after a bender.”

“The world of makeup tutorial videos is apparently a serious business.”

“Asked him how he felt being as evil as Hitler and Lord Voldermot combined."
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