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Book Review: Trek The Printed Adventures

Trek The Printed Adventures by James Van Hise
This 1993 reference book claims to be a guide to the printed adventures of the world’s most popular characters. Hyperbole aside it provides badly written and laid out reviews of ‘TOS’ and ‘TNG’ books, photocopied book covers and fanzine excerpts, an interview with Ann Crispin promoting her then upcoming ’Sarek’ novel and an interview with a then unknown Laurell K. Hamilton. The concept of online fanfic didn’t exist at this point but you get the feeling Van Hise’s head would explode at the concept not to mention the very idea of the Trek reboot. It gives a breathless summation of the controversial thing known as slash fic and does a detailed listing of all then current fanzines. While now 21 years out of date it is a fun slice of Trek history.
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