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Trailers, Quotes and a 2005 Tape Tale

‘Intruders’ 1x04 promo
I’m done with this mess.

Best Lines:

“I made a ghost machine.”

‘St. Vincent’ promo

Best Line:
“Take me God. Don’t play with me.”

John Wick’ promo
An assassin gets pissed off and this looks dumb.

Best Line:
It’s who you did it to.”

‘Love, Rosie’ promo
Friendzone love triangle or something.

Best Line:
“I know she’ll love it, someday.”

Lost’ season 2 sneak peak
Kate, Locke and the hatch. Yawn.

Twix bar - ok.
Cheese and Onion popcorn - ugh.

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Like looking at satan.”

“A damaged personal truth.”

“You’re touching me right now.”

‘Awkward’ Quotes:
“I’ve been thinking.”
“It was a first.”

“Lying sack of crap!”

“We’ve been TMZ-ed.”

“Then talk but not to me.”

“I’m not good at following my own intuition.”

I won’t bother with ‘Seekers’ books 3&4.

Watched ‘Intruders’ 1x03 ‘Time Has Come Today’ and it was terrible in every way. There were mentions of the 9 and hints that whatever has been going on has done so for thousands of years. James Frain broods in shadows. The bad child actress kills someone and is either possessed by or the reincarnation of a dead pervert. Amy prances around to jazz and isn’t interested in Jack anymore. Amy is either possessed by or the reincarnation of a Russian from the Tsar’s secret police. Jack punches out a window. John Simm is wasted in this. His pal Gary hangs out.

Best Lines:
“You can’t understand.”

“Things that aren’t good.”

Saw the ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ unaired pilot. It has a bad title card and is full of the male gaze. Buffy blows bubblegum as she arrives at her new school which is called Berryman. The original Principle Flutie and Willow walk around. Harmony wears a chessboard miniskirt and Xander has serious 90s hair. Giles lurks and comes across as a creepy groomer. Buffy has dark hair. There is bad acting, dated slang and this was dull with no turbulent emotional depths. Also Buffy does a gymnastic flip down the library steps for no reason.

Best Lines:
“No gang colours, no fur, no hanging from the rafters in the cafeteria screaming:  meat is murder.”

“I pay attention but not with him.”

“I’m taking Eurocentric history.”

“They have views on hygiene.”

Cleared out a 2005 tape. It began with an ‘Alias’ ep ‘Nocturne’. Who could have thought that of all the cast Bradley Cooper would be the biggest star of all? People have homicidal delusions. The opening credits show off Sydney’s many ineffective disguises. Sydney and Vaughn discuss their love of rough sex. A Goth club is visited and bad wigs are worn. This was not emotionally wrenching and has no disturbing aspects.

Best Line:
“Someone as thoroughly toxic as yourself.”

Then came a ‘Stargate Atlantis’ ep ‘Trinity’ which was a McKay ep. TPTB’s obsession with him limited the show. The gang find a space graveyard and a ruined city. McKay fiddles around with an Ancient lab and kills a man and then blows up ¾ of a solar system. This was crap.

Best Lines:
“Something put a lot of holes in it.”

“What if whatever put holes in it wants to put holes in us?”

“He deserved worse.”

Then came another ‘Stargate Atlantis’ ep ‘Instinct’ in which the gang wander around a planet that looks like a Hammer horror set. The gang meet a man and his Wraith ‘daughter’ (Jewel Staite of ‘Firefly’). Pitchforks and torches are wielded. Wraith girl goes nuts and displays homicidal violence. There is a twist regarding faded youth and Shep gets infected with Wraith DNA which went nowhere. This was crap.

Then came a ‘Battlestar Galactica’ ep ‘Home’ in which Roslin and Lee rabble rouse and rant about The Arrow Of Apollo. Helo, Sharon and Kara return and aren’t welcome. Kara is an ass. Sharon rants about The Tomb Of Athena. Adama is pestered by reporters. Why are there so many reporters in the fleet? Why don’t they get real jobs? Lee and Kara spit venom at each other. Adama wanders around in his ill-fitting uniform glaring. This was crap.

Best Line:
“I believe in the power of myth.”

Then came another ‘Battlestar Galactica’ ep ‘The Raid’ in which Roslin, Kara and Lee wander around Kobol. Six gets naked. TPTB deploy all their tricks to no avail. Adama reunites the fleet and has a good cry. How did the cocky pilot depicted in ‘Blood and Chrome’ turn into this? Constellations are shown as a map to Earth. You can see the 12 Colonies from Earth? This was crap.

Best Lines:
“These patterns were on the original flags of the 12 Colonies.”

“Their ancient names.”

“This is the map to Earth.”

“Astral body M8.”

“To what end?”
“To the end of the human race.”
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