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Book Review: Red-Headed Stepchild

Red-Headed Stepchild by Jaye Wells

This is the first in yet another urban fantasy series. Sabina Kane is as assassin and an outcast in her dark world due to mixed blood. She is half-vampire and half-mage. She hopes her vampire family will at last show her some affection when she successfully carries out her latest task. She has to infiltrate a cult and kill its leader. The leader is talking about uniting all the children of Lilith against the children of Adam. As Sabina works on the cult leader takedown, she is stalked by a mage and nearly killed by a demon. And there are numerous mutterings about a vague prophecy. And did I mention that Sabina has a mysterious birthmark?

There is nothing original in this book, save for the fact that for these vampires it is apples that can destroy them. Which makes no sense if they are descended from Lilith as she never ate from the Tree of Knowledge. Anyway this is all workmanlike writing with plot and character developments that are telegraphed a mile off. Still the plot unfolds responably well and the writing is okay. I will read the 2nd book in this series.
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