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Book Reviews: A Lady Raised High + Escape

A Lady Raised High: A Novel of Anne Boleyn by Lauren Gardner
This 2006 novel is an unashamed rip-off of ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’. Frances the gauche daughter of a Baronet is summoned to court to wait on Anne Boleyn to the horror of her narcissistic hysterical mother. Frances is not dissimilar from Anne in that she is selfish, shallow and no better than she ought to be. Frances fancies herself a poet and fancies Anne’s Brother George. There is exposition, bad dialogue and sporadic attempts at history. Frances marries an emotionally abusive controlling idiot and is overly familiar with Anne. This leads to disaster. This novel was inaccurate and plain bad. Frances never queries her actions and follows Queen Bee mean girl Anne to the bitter end thinking her friendship is reciprocated. Thankfully no more books have emanated from Gardner since.

Best Lines:
“The King and his strumpet.”

“Catherine is a good and pious woman, and she will always be queen, and let that be an end to the conversation.”

“She has dug the pit that she lies in.”

“There will be no forgiveness for that.”

The Secret Diaries 3: Escape by Janice Harrell
Dare you unlock them? Joanna and her obsessive Penn love is in more trouble. Odd accidents take place and the couple are sure Stephen is out to get them to cover up his murders. The selfish self-obsessed duo are determined to foil Stephen but don’t want anything to happen to them because of their involvement in said murders. This was good but the big twist I was expecting since book 1 didn’t actually happen. This 1995 trilogy was a good tale of drama queen teenagers who are sure the world revolves around them. Joanna and Penn’s ‘romance’ is a reductive experience for them but they’re too dumb to realise this, also they lack all emotional honesty. Also this novel had dated references to newspaper microfiche, car tape decks and rotary phones.

Best Lines:
“We were not freebasing cocaine.”

"Your son is having an awful lot of bad luck, isn’t he, Sir? One of his friends is murdered. Then another one commits suicide. And now somebody’s tried to burn down his house with him in it.”

“The last thing Stephen wants is for Bobby to catch him slinking around your neighbourhood with a rifle.”

“You can imagine how it makes me feel when my best friend tries to fry me.”

“Your friends are thinning out fast, aren’t they Parrish?”
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