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Lost Season 5 Episode 10 review

He's Our You

Sayid is disturbed by young Ben. Young Ben just wants to get away from Dharma as he asks: "Did Richard send you?". Poor young Ben's desperation is obvious as he fondly reminisces: "Four years ago I ran away into the jungle and Richard found me." Sayid doesn't seem to make the connection between the Richard Ben talks about and the man he and Kate met back in 'There's No Place Like Home'. Have Ben and Richard had any more meetings since their first meeting? Why was Richard all raggedy at that meeting, yet when he met Horace he was all clean cut?

Sayid is interrogated, badly, by Horace: "Are you having some kind of problem with your people?" The Dharma people are not the fuzzy hippies they seemed to be, they're nasty nazi conformists. When Sayid confronts Sawyer with the fact that "A 12 year old Ben Linus brought me a chicken salad sandwich", Sawyer is blasé about the whole thing. He and probably Juliet, Miles, Jin and Daniel know who young Ben will become but are ignoring it. Sayid then meets Roger Linus who mocks him: "You hostiles supposed to be the kings of the jungle." Sayid witnesses Roger beating up his son.

Sawyer proves to be bad at leadership as he tasers Sayid in the balls, hauls him off for an LSD interrogation and then votes to kill Sayid. The Dharma lot are bloodthirsty and when a LSD tripping Sayid tells them the truth about himself and their fate, they don't believe him. Despite Dharma voting to kill Sayid, Sawyer calls them civilised in comparison to the Hostiles. Anyway young Ben breaks Sayid out of jail and weepingly tells Sayid: "I really hate it here" and begs to be taken to join the Hostiles. Sayid shoots young Ben in the chest. Sayid as no doubt just helped turn Ben into what he became and no doubt has set the purge in motion.

This was good. The Lostaways are no doubt creating the very history they learnt about. Young Ben refers to Richard as the leader of the Hostiles, again refuting Widmore's claim to have been the leader. Young Ben sees Richard and the Hostiles as saviours figuring they'll rescue him from his misery. Sayid calls Ben a monster and he's the one to shoot a child. The Dharma people are jerks. Sayid's bad luck with women continue as flashbacks show how he picked Illana up in a bar (the fact she didn't take offence to him thinking she was a hooker should have clued him in) and she kicked him in the head.

Questions remain: Why is no-one asking how Juliet did a c-section on Amy? Where are Annie and Olivia? Are Jack and Kate shacking up Why did Ben dress like Rorschach from 'Watchmen' in Moscow? Why is the chicken fat when alive and scrawny when dead? Does Horace have a boss?

Best Lines:
"Richard, he's your leader right."

"How did you find me?"
"I looked."
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