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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Insidious: Chapter 3’ trailer
What about the ending of ‘Chapter 2’? The git from ‘Crisis’ is in this. There is knocking on the walls, oh scary. No Patrick Wilson and this looks crap. Also isn’t Elise dead?

‘A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night’ trailer
A black&white Iranian vampire film. WTF?

‘Ouija’ TV spot

The guy who plays Wells on ‘The Flash’ was in ‘The Following’ playing the wasted character Kingston Tanner.

Sherlock is supposed to have slept with Irene Adler after the events of ‘Sherlock’ 2x01? A betrayal of the Johnlock!

I won’t review ‘Time Bomb’ but I will review ‘The Falcon Throne’ and ‘Zomburbia’.

I am back reading The Emperor’s Blades’.

Halloween seemed a lot more fun when I was a kid.

Shame about the Virgin Galactic crash.

‘Xtro 3: Watch The Skies’ (1995) sucked.
‘Deep Blue Sea’ (1999) was hammy but did have Thomas Jane.
‘Freddy vs Jason’ (2003) was cheesy despite all the horror iconography and sleephacking.
‘Fright Night’ (1985) was awful.

Nandos Toffee Apple frozen yogurt - ugh.
Nandos cloudy lemonade - good.
Nandos chips with peri peri salt - good.
Nandos wrap with Extremely Hot Sauce - good.
Nandos garlic bread - very good.
Birthday Cake M&M’s - yum.
Sugar free Sour Apple candy - good.
Granny Smith apple - nice.
Maple & Pecan cookies - yum.
Pumpkin Face Brownies - yum.

‘Awkward’ Quotes:
“Already maxed out on that emotion.”

“Remedial speller.”

“Law and Order logic.”

“What the hell is a sex touch?”

“Blinded by his hair products.”

‘Neighbours’ Quotes:
“Where would you like it?”
“Anywhere you want to put it.”

“What I really want is to go back to that night and not punch Chris in the head.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quote:
“Halloween: the one time of year when the squalor of our home works to our advantage.”

‘Suburgatory’ Quotes:
“You had to run two blocks from that sketchy dude.”

“Normally we try to keep his kind out of here.”

“Those words mean the same thing.”

“At least five death stares.”

“Service people right?”

“I’m clutching it dear!”

“It hit me like Chris Brown.”

“Slutty skunk.”

“Stripper shoe season.”

“Satan scrawl! Scrawl of satan!”

“Never been on this side of a hate mob before.”

“Ass cleavage.”

“Must have turned into a crow and flown back to hell.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“The bullies all ganged up on me.”

“Acting like a distraught maniac.”

“Functionally crazy.”

“I feel very misunderstood.”

“I’m the problem?”

“My whole life is unreasonable!”

“This is my fault?”

“I’m just constantly attacked.”

“I just don’t understand.”

“Made me feel frightened for my life.”

“Use me as a scapegoat.”

“A dirt collection in the closet.”

“Then he had Facebook affairs.”

“You have a problem.”
“Yeah, I have you!”

“They all walked away from me.”

“Anxiety storm.”
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