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Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 Issue #8 Reviewed

Return To Sunnydale, part 1
The Vampyr book has been stolen - Buffy suddenly cares and unleashes derision. Xander continues to unrepentantly bully Dawn into loving him again. Buffy finally recalls all the bad stuff Andrew did. Then she, Willow and Spike head back to Sunnydale in a state of profound irritation. A monster looms and idiots party over the ruins of Sunnydale. Warren shows up, the unavoidable fight takes place and nobody notices Andrew flouncing off. Enough with the Spike/Buffy pairing. Andrew has a manifestly ill-founded plan. This was good but what happened to the slayer army and body armour from season 8?

Best Lines:
“You off-brand Cthulhu.”

“Xander, you’re the only one with an actual job.”
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