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Agents of SHIELD 2x04 +Intruders (2014) 1x01&1x02 Reviewed

Face My Enemy
May goes on about how she’s not like other women with their dancing, laughing, smiling and FM shoes. Coulson fancies May. The duo plan to steal a painting. Talbot lurks or does he? The SHIELD gang are all unbrindled vileness and don’t get why people are intolerant of them choosing street-brawling as a vocation. Coulson can’t take his status-reduction and has oppositional ideologies. Skye shows off her top and bottom decks of teeth. The alien writing could just be graffiti from some public lavatory. This episode was full of nothing.

Coulson is not being a good taxpayer and trouble mongers. Agent 33 pretends to be May. Fitz whines and gripes. Nobody from Hydra is apprehended. There is an endless fight scene and Fitz does more mumbling recitations. Trip is wallpaper. Coulson reiterates more lies and smugness. I hope Talbot captures Coulson soon. Why is everyone so uncritical of Coulson? Dr Whitehall menaces.

Best Lines:
“Why is it always laser grids?”

“She was a demonic hell beast.”

“The psycho living in our basement.”

“Hard choices are coming.”

“I can find you wherever you are.”

She Was Provisional
Immortals, possession, reincarnation, animal abuse and James Frain and John Simm doing dodgy American accents feature in this terrible miniseries. Jack (Simm) mopes when his wife Amy (Mira Sorvino) vanishes and his FBI pal lurks. A bad child actress runs away from home after acting out. A weirdo (Frain) menaces and kills people whilst abetting bad things. This was based on a novel I have no interest in reading. This deserves to be unremembered.

Best Lines:
“When they come knocking at your door.”

“We need to talk.”
“No we don’t.”

And There...You Must Listen
The weirdo menaces the missing girl’s oblivious parents. The bad child actress does more badly acted badness. Jack bores. Even John Simm and James Frain can’t keep my interest. This was boring and has an impenetrable plot.

Best Lines:
“Even if you find Amy, she’s gone.”

“In the beginning there was death.”
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