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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 1’ promo
Shut up Gale.

‘Babylon’ promo

Best Line:
“I sleep like a meerkat on an electric fence.”

‘Doctor Who’ 8x11 promo
Clara turns traitor and Cybermen stomps around.

Best Line:
“Clara Oswald has never existed.”

Strawberry Trifle - yum.
Lentils, giant couscous and goat’s cheese with a lemon and basil oil dressing - ok.

I observed the sunspot - 10 Earths could fit into it.

I won’t read ‘Blood Red’ or ‘An English Ghost Story’.

I will review ‘The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror:  25th Anniversary Edition’ and ‘The Mammoth Book of Dark Magic’.

Madonna’s ‘The Immaculate Collection’ came out in 1990?

I think I’ll skip the praised-to-the-heavens ‘The Babadook’.

‘Star Trek: Tales of the Dominion War’ Quote:
“Mad as a wet hen in a tote sack.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Do you dispute that?”
“I do.”

“Back to me!”

“He was punching the police out.”

“You fail to acknowledge that.”

“He had ground up some of my morphine.”

“A horrible wean.”

“Everybody has tried to ruin my reputation.”

“Everybody hated me.”

“You think in your opinion.”

“Look it up!”

“You have made some awful judgments.”

‘Betrayal’ Quotes:
“I did point out that he was never going to find her.”
“Well that’s true enough.”

“Penn said there was a lot of shouting and shoving, and the next thing anyone knew, Laurie had tumbled off the cliff.”

“I thought it would look pretty suspicious if somebody saw me pitching a typewriter into the river.”

“What if somebody sees us doing it at the post office?”

“His name is poison.”

“The big thing was getting super-user status at the mainframe at State.”

“He must have always hated us.”

“Pack of murderers. Stingy, too.”

“It’s enough to make a guy give up booze.”

“Don’t you kids realize it’s a bad idea to hang around these parks at night? You never know what kind of hoods you’re going to run into. A very bad element hangs out at these places.”

“They end up calling this place the high school of the damned.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Chris has a brain injury and Paige rages about Dakota kissing Brennan. Paige’s abrasive neediness bores. Lauren is outraged, OUTRAGED by Brennan kissing Dakota. Hypocrite. Josh shows off more piss awful acting. Brad is more concerned with Paige then his wife and children. Nate’s threats of madness grow. Lauren is awful. Brad is awful. Paige is awful. They have an unheimlich and fetid aura. Paige shows off her malignity. The plots lag and are unthethered.

Best Lines:
Screaming psycho at me.”

“Some skank threw herself on him.”
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