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Heroes: Cold Snap

You can practically see TPTB's desperation leak through the screen as they do a big 'event' episode to try to prove to the viewer that the show isn't circling the drain creatively. Bennet and Angela are still smirking and plotting. Ando and Hiro act like morons as they stumble across Matt Parkman Jnr, the child Matt abandoned. Seems Matt Jnr is a human remote control. Hiro gets his powers back and idiot comedy ensues.

Tracy, Mohinder, Matt and Daphne escape from Building 26. It seems the sedating drugs wear off instantly. Tracy learns Micah is rebel. Daphne dies. Tracy does a massive freeze and Danko kills her. Peter and Angela hide out in the Statue of Liberty. This was okayish but the whole 'Fugitives' plot arc has been one great big non-event. Much like the whole 'Villains' plot arc was.

Best Lines:
"Angela. What did you do? Is it pills?"

"Why don't you just do it the old fashioned way and dig a ditch?"
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