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Book Review: Time Travel Recent Trips, part 2

Time Travel Recent Trips edited by Paul Guran, part 2

The Mists of Time
A trip back into the past by a ravenously nostalgic man and a monotonous filmmaker who goes on frenzied tangents is testy. Meanwhile an incalculable moment in time unfolds. This is a good look at the curatorial aspect of time travel.

The King Of Where-I-Go
A man’s sister gets involved with government experiments. This was okay but the ending was barely comprehensible.

Time travel has become commonplace and Petra works in a shop dressing people for their travels under an unsparing boss with a taste for slights and cringing derision. This was good and had a bittersweet ending.

Best Lines:
“What’s it like getting investigated for sending people back to medieval France with machine-sewn clothes?”

“Petra hoped that was praise, but, she suspected otherwise.”

“Imagining a past she’d never see.”

First Flight
An elderly woman is sent back in time to film the Wright Brothers. Very good.

The Time Travel Club
A group of LARPers who pretend to be time travellers build a real time machine. But what will they do with it? Not a rigorously intellectual approach to time travel but very good.

Best Line:
“She tried to think of a way to say “pirate-themed sex shop” that didn’t sound quite so horrible.”

The Ghosts of Christmas
An emotionally abused child has grown up into an expectant mother and worries about how her very palpable rage issues will affect her child. This was unequivocally depressing.

The Ile Of Dogs
In Elizabethan England, a play attracts much interest. Okay.

September At Wall and Broad
An investigator in 1920 discovers anomalies. Okay.

Thought Experiments
A man invents time travel but doesn’t realise the consequences. Okay.

Number 73 Glad Avenue
An inadvertently ridiculous story.

The Lost Canal
This isn’t a time travel story more a dated Mars ‘adventure’.
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