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Agents of SHIELD 2x03 Review

Making Friends And Influencing People
Simmons has a new hairstyle and is working undercover in Hydra who have black lab coats. Dr Whitehall (Reed Diamond) is spookily calm and brainwashes Agent 33. Skye is indistinctively annoying. Hunter is out of favour. SHIELD is striving to be ever smugger. Donnie Gill from that bad season 1 episode lurks and is self-motivated and murderous. This ep was not inventive. Coulson is invulnerable and complacent.

Fitz goes for ‘potentially fragile’ but is just annoying. Skye talks to Ward and sneers and mocks his abusive childhood. Apparently Ward’s clan are respected and loved, something never mentioned in season 1. Skye is a charisma vacuum. Ward has tenacity to her hostile indifference. Hydra like slapping their logo on things and apparently staring at blue lights brainwashes people because Agent 33 is soon working for Hydra. Fitz whines and confronts Ward and then tries to murder him. I’m sick of Fitz and his stupid accent and missed words. SHIELD is murderous and arrogant and need humbling. Did Skye really kill Donnie? Coulson doesn’t care about Ward and Fitz’s pity party bores. Was Ward brainwashed? Does anyone care? This was plain bad.

Best Lines:
“Hear me out.”

“Be like Ward?”

“Threats are taken care of quickly.”

“Stay close in case there are consequences.”

“I’m well aware of who I work for.”

“I’m not scared.”
“Maybe you should be.”

“What side did you end up on?”

“I hate that he’s here.”

“Everything I did good and bad. I did of my own free will.”
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