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‘Elementary’ season 3 promo
Aw, they’ve had a falling out. Who cares really?

Fine English Peppermints - strong.

I am reading ‘Acts of Contrition’.

I will review ‘The Beguiled’ and the 2011 ‘Fright Night’.

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“She’s drunk in a canoe.”

“You kicked the windshield out of her car.”

“Looked in my car and found a gun and automatically thinks I’m crazy.”

“I’ve taken her inventory.”

“Why is he not in jail?”

“She is truant and you are negligent.”

“I’ve gotta leave before I do something bad.”

“Gross neglect.”

“You found a gun in her car? A gun?”

Watched the first ep of ‘Criminal Minds’ season 10 where Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character debuted. It was the usual morosity with a perv (Kerr Smith) and a scrupulous serial killer. The gang are all so nonchalantly dismissive, Thomas Gibson emotes like a plank and TPTB have sub-literate condescension toward viewers. There are twists. JLH’s character has unrevealed tribulations and the creepy ending is really creepy.

Best Lines:
“What a guy like him is like when no-one is watching.”

“This guy’s smarter than we thought.”

“You found a leg in his car?”
“Actually we found three.”
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