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Doctor Who 8x09 + Reign 1x13 Reviewed

Amy skirt-to-her-crotch Pond isn’t missed and neither will Clara when TPTB finally get rid of her. Clara is drippy, insouciant and her moral dissolution goes on. The TARDIS shrinks. The Doctor is garrulous and people are being dissected by 2D creatures. Clara needs chastening and has no concept of cosmism. Series 8 is discouraging and I regard it wearily. Missy shows up again. Everyone yaps and this was unwatchable.

Best Lines:
“Oh that can’t be good.”

“Not anything you know murdery.”

“That’s just wrong.”

“They’re in the walls.”

“You are not welcome here.”

The Consummation
Catherine is to be executed indoors until she isn’t and is pardoned. Francis returns and is his usual awful self. Nostradamus wanders around shirtless and then puts on his usual pelt. Marie de Guise shows up and acts sardonically; she cannot act to save her life. Nostradamus gets yet another prophecy wrong. There is complete alienation between Francis and Bash. Francis views Bash as interloping trash. Mary screams. Kenna whores herself.

Mary chooses Francis so the status quo prevails. How can she love Francis? They marry to the tune of ‘The Power of Love’ and she is in an anachronistic white wedding dress. Clarissa isn’t dead. Mary orders her mother away and takes off her huge tiara for the public consummation. Nostradamus foresees Francis’ death which cannot come soon enough. I’m sick of him and slutty Mary. Henri forces Bash to witness the consummation and then guards try to kill Bash. This was utterly terrible.

Best Lines:
“How was the dungeon? Were there fleas?”

“You needn’t worry.”
“And yet I do.”

“It’s time for the consummation.”

“What is yours and what is not.”
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