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Forever 1x03 + The Last Ship 1x06 + The Blacklist 2x03 Reviewed

Fountain Of Youth
A company promises youth to those unwilling to age and die. Henry has flashbacks to 1906 and a friend who died of TB. This show has no semblance of quality and Henry is succinctly annoying. Lucas is fabulously dumb. A con-man pretending to be a doctor peddles a potion made of ground up human brains causing Henry to rant about prions. Bodies are snatched, Henry dresses like it is still Victorian times, Abe is stupid and this was bad with bad acting.

Best Lines:
“Spill, grab and run.”

“I don’t believe in nothing.”

“You left your father’s first edition ‘Dune’ novel on the subway when you were six.”

“They didn’t need them anymore.”

“Sir, don’t call me a moron.”

Chandler has a shower of angst and then does hammy playing to the balcony. Where did the glass boxes for the monkeys come from? There are unnecessary complications. Quincy endlessly preambles and is a dime store Eugene O‘Neill antagonist. The crew naysay. Danny collapses and Tex swamp rocks. Regrettable truths are uttered. Bacon is concomitant. Some enlisted men have millennial confusion. Chandler gives the crew a disincentive to mutiny. This was good but sappy.

Best Lines:
“They’re going to need to be tossed overboard.”

“98% death rate.”

“Do not break boundaries.”

“The most powerful mass contagious virus ever to strike the planet.”

“This vessel is a death trap.”

“No more talking.”

Dr James Covington (no. 89)
Tom shows up in a dream. Liz attacks a motel dweller who turns out to be a plant after all. What became of Liz and Tom’s house? An illegal organ transplant ring is uncovered where you rent organs for $500,000 a year or they will be repossessed. Samar joins the team, she is Iranian. An emissary of Berlin’s lurks and he is played by Paul Reubens. Red obsesses over a port deal. Liz assures everyone that she is fine, really. This was good and with a moral dilemma. Red orates to demonstrate eccentricity and that he is a persistent liar. Why hasn’t his deal been rescinded yet?

Best Lines:
“Try a Grapefruit Gusher.”

“This one still has a liver.”

“What Laskin and Russo do with or to one another in their spare time.”

“Grease-drenched gristle.”

“That rotted nub you call a heart.”

“Value loyalty above all else.”

“Forced to listen to The Gambler on Eight-Track.”
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