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‘Outlander’ promo

‘The Blacklist’ 1x03 promo
Liz is dumb.

Love, Rosie’ TV spot

‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 1’ promo
Oh poor District 12.

Feta & lentils and Roasted Red Peppers - okay.

Saw a photo of Damien Lewis as Henry VIII in BBC’s ‘Wolf Hall’ - he’s wearing bright yellow and looks ridiculous.

The CW are remaking the ITV drama ‘The Town’?

Interesting rumours about ‘Captain America 3’.

Mortal Instruments’ as a tv show? Yes!

I am reading ‘Temptation’.

‘Temptation’ Quotes:
“She probably cleaned her underwear with black shoe polish, assuming she cleaned it at all.”

“I overheard that he was a super-user on the Internet.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Defies my conjecture.”

“Very educative.”

“I’m curious as your reaction.”

“That’s not a player here.”

“That’s not even remotely possible.”

“They were very hostile.”

“I have nothing to hide!”

“Eliminate themselves from suspicion.”

“It’s false autopsy!”

“Stop talking.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Amber and Daniel live in a car after throwing tantrums because the denizens of the area won’t accept their ‘great love’. Karl is inexpiably allowing himself to be blackmailed by Lou. Amber and Daniel live in their own transcendent bliss. Matt recoils from Lauren’s touch and views their whole marriage as a lie. Lauren can’t see what she did wrong. Brennan is a himbo.
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