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Sherlock mini episode Many Happy Returns (2013)
This is a series 3 prequel. Why does Lestrade still have a job? Donovan has become a nutter. John has a new place and hasn’t grown his moustache yet. Lestrade visits John to deliver a video message Sherlock made for John’s birthday in which Sherlock says John‘s friends have suppressed hatred for him. Why isn’t John punching Lestrade? This was okay but I’ve read better fic.

Best Lines:
“All his friends hate him.”

“Only lies have detail.”

“There’ll be people.”

“Stop being dead.”

Mel’s ‘Scarface’ style downfall begins as he screams and is not intimidating even as he tries to throttle an underling and throw him off a balcony at the same time. Kevin Spacey goes totally OTT in this scene. Vinnie and Roger are lurking around Mel’s office and Vinnie carries Mel kicking and screaming away from his underling and puts him in a headlock. Mel rants about a crystal pendant and sweats, he needs some reliable business or he’s done.

Vinnie visits his mother. Roger is so obviously a CIA plant. Vinnie has quickly recovered from being shot in 1x17. Vinnie’s mother looks 80 and sees his bullet scar, Vinnie and his mullet and unibrow has a meeting with a gangster sporting a mullet. McPike and his woman look up an ancient computer. Roger learns Vinnie is OCB and thinks about killing him in a lift. Violent psychopaths all round. Susan strips down to her polyester underwear and tells Vinnie to have sex with her like Mel. Ken Wahl is human Quaalude. The morning after Mel sits on Vinnie’s post coital bed wearing beige slip on shoes and a polo neck. People lurk in bushes and yell down huge car phones. Vinnie’s momma is menaced and he goes nuts and his mother sees him in full on hood mode. Roger and his bosses are manipulating the oblivious Mel. There is ridiculous slow-motion. Mel is catatonic in a corner and mumbling incoherently. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“I’ve secured the collapse of Mel Profitt’s largest legitimate operation.”

“Before an up close and personal encounter with a cluster bomb.”

“Wars don’t wait for better prices.”


“Please let go of me.”

“I need a reason.”
“Because I pay you.”

“Isolated by their own intellect, they reach out to the dark places for answers.”

“Guys on top are third generation.”

“They’re MBA gangsters.”

“He might snap, for good.”

“We’ll have given him a continent.”

“Watch how little I give a damn.”


“He’s got to go.”

“They went to a bordello.”

“The smack or the money.”

“Make the deal or you’re an orphan.”

“These men don’t listen to the Lord.”

Crystal annoys and talks Martin down. I’m not sure the book this show is based on is deeply challenging literature. Martin’s ex shows up and claims Martin was the victim of a hit and run in 2004. The investigator of the hoodie murder annoys. Things are implied. Martin goes on leave and Maggie helps him. There is a fight and a photo that shows Martin as part of a military unit in Iraq in 2004. Martin puts on a US accent and investigates. His ex seems icy and in on it. This was rote.

Best Lines:
“Operation Raining Fire.”

“A bad dude.”

“Your real name?”
“That is my real name.”
“No, it’s not.”

“Sorry about that whole hatchet thing.”

“I was never in Iraq.”
“Yes you were! Yes you were!”

“They did something to us over there.”


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