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Book Review: Not A Drop To Drink

Not A Drop To Drink by Mindy McGinnis
In a world where water is a rare and precious commodity, Lynn and her mother live an isolated rural existence protecting their pond. How things got to this extreme are hinted at: the destruction of the Aswan Dam, private water purification plants and regular Cholera outbreaks. Lynn can survive in this harsh world because of her hard mother who redefines extreme diligence. And then the strangers come calling for aid.

Lynn has psychological defiance against her upbringing and learns to embrace new experiences and people after the gothic insanity of her raising. And then the less friendly scavengers arrive. This is a very good tale of tragedy, bleakness and hope amidst the exhausting grubbiness and squalidness. I will read the sequel ‘In A Handful of Dust’.

Best Lines:
“The front door hadn’t been opened in years.”

“Nobody would be able to get to it out here because of the crazy hillbillies.”

“Not a one of ‘em came back.”

“Bad enough stories coming out of the cities.”

“Mother would be rolling in her grave if I’d been able to dig her one.”

“Impossible to defend.”

“I forgot to grab it when the police kicked down my door and arrested me.”

“I think it’s time we did something.”

“What all she tell you about me?”
“Nothing too nice.”

“Those that can, take.”
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