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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ trailer
This has been delayed until 2015 but looks good. A chav is mentored by spy Colin Firth. Samuel L Jackson is the baddie and Mark Strong and Michael Caine seem to be good guys. Colin Firth beats up a pub full of chavs and pint glasses, teeth and high tech weapons fly.

‘Law and Order SVU’ 16x03 promo
A celebrity train wreck has secrets. Looks good.

Best Line:
“Guess who’s at it again?”

I am reading ‘Raising Steam’.

Raising Steam’ Quote:
“A gloriously unnecessary display of violence.”

John Carder Bush Quote:
“We get the usual letters from neighbours saying “Will you please stop that caterwauling late at night.”

‘Cats’ is back in the West End soon, saw it years ago and it loved it. Also saw ‘Starlight Express’ (forgettable), ‘Miss Saigon’ (ok), ‘Woman In White’ (crap), ‘Phantom of the Opera’ (very good), ‘Mamma Mia!” (okay) and ‘Wicked’ (over hyped).

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“I want to question them both with a baseball bat.”

“Transparent cheating wannabe hooker.”

“She laid in bed all day.”

“She was prostituting herself on Craigslist.”

“You got upset about that?”

“The war of hate.”

“They had a very accusatory tone.”

“Abusive type marks.”

“This is Missouri!”

“Aggressed against.”

“Were you a bad mother?”

“Don’t believe her cocaine induced lies.”

“You have ruined and shattered more lives.”

“Wouldn’t even be on the decision tree.”
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