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Book Reviews: Reality Boy + Point of Divergence

Reality Boy by A.S. King
Gerald Faust is an angry 17 year old with no prospects and no hope. He was written off when he was 5 years old after a life wrecking appearance on reality TV. But the reason for Gerald’s permanent rage is ignored and glossed over by his neglectful mother. Gerald isn’t the problem, just the scapegoat. The real problem in the Faust family is their firstborn child Tasha who is a psychopath and her behaviour and her mother’s denial of it had destroyed the family.

Is there any escape for Gerald? This is a wannabe heartbreaking tale of exploitative TV and the resulting profitability, iconography and popular conceptions that form irrespective of the truth. Gerald is deeply unhappy, his father has given up, his mother is useless and the girl he likes is full of possibility but this book is not tough or unflinching. Instead it is frustratingly dull and desperate to be an emotional hot button topic. It is also nigh on unreadable in some places.

Best Lines:
“Maybe we can move one day when Tasha is out and forget to tell her where we went.”

“She’s moaning extra-vulgar on purpose.”

“I used to love school until everybody got old enough to point and laugh.”

“I didn’t know the word psychopath when I was six. But it would have been helpful.”

“He is the half-wit son they always wanted.”

“I’m not the loser living in my mom’s basement because I’m so stupid no college will take me after dropping out three times.”

“I demand a mother who isn’t this person.”

“I’m afraid of the stove.”

Star Trek Seekers 2: Point of Divergence by Dayton Ward & Kevin Dillmore
This sequel series to ‘Star Trek: Vanguard’ is crap, Book 1 ‘Second Nature’ sucked hard and this sucks more. Klingons, weird aliens and Starfleet types run around a planet in the arse-end of nowhere. Who are the Preservers? There is technobabble and stuff blows up. This was terrible.

Best Line:
“Self-inflicted genocide.”
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