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Primeval Season 3 Episode 1 review

The show returns and stupid Stephen is dead. So a new team member Sarah (played by a actress who used to be on 'Footballer's Wives') replaces him. A giant crocodile shows up in a museum through an anomaly centred inside a bizarre Egyptian sculpture called the Sun Cage. Cue Sarah and Connor making discoveries about magnetite, electricity and their effect on anomalies. Meanwhile Cutter who no longer seems to care that he's living in an alternate universe, has a terrible new hairstyle. A new military man named Becker (played by the yummy Ben Mansfield) shows up to replace the much missed Ryan.

Also there are hints about this season's mystery conspiracy plot, Abby has bad hair, Cutter finally wonders if mythological beasts are to do with dinos popping out of anomalies, Helen shows up with a clone army and there is a bizarre ending set in a ruined city.

This was an okish episode and I will keep watching mostly because the latest conspiracy mystery does intrigue.
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