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Trailer, Quotes and Stuff

‘Annabelle’ TV spot
This ‘The Conjuring’ prequel looks good. Maybe.

Double Caramel Twix - ugh.
Caramel Brownie Choc - yum.

‘The Following’ deleted scenes Quotes:
“They like you.”
“You look surprised.”

“I destroy the people around me.”

A 3rd ‘Sherlock Holmes’ movie? Yay!

‘The Six Wives of Henry VIII’ Quotes:
“Her husband, Thomas Kyme, who had quite literally thrown her out of doors.”

“The King took his bride to Windsor where he celebrated his marriage by having three Protestant heretics burned to death in the Great Park.”

Watched the 2010 movie ‘The Company Man’: it had Tommy Lee Jones orating, Ben Affleck embracing being blue collar, Chris Cooper brooding, Craig T. Nelson as the baddie and Kevin Costner offering homespun wisdom. No. The 1993 pilot ‘Doorways’ is better than this, as is the 1987 movie ‘Timestalkers’.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Freddie gets shot but still isn’t dead. Lindsey blubbers over Freddie and her sister has shown up. Ziggy and Tegan make out. Esther is wan. Bob can’t act and shoots off his gun and screams. I think it is time to take another break from this show.

On ‘Neighbours’: Josh shows off incredibly bad acting as he attempts to do ‘distraught’. The whole Josh coward punched Chris storyline is unsubtle and unrehearsed. Lauren is smug, Brad is useless and Terese unravels. Terese is made to apologise to Lauren and Brad should be saying sorry but isn't.
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