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‘Agents of SHIELD’ 2x02 promo
If Coulson says “Go dark” one more time I want him to get punched in the face.

‘Grantchester’ promo
Oh stop it ITV!

‘Bonanza’ opening credits
Seriously, this was popular?

Read some ‘Agents of SHIELD’ casting news. Sigh.

Organic sparkling lemonade - yum.

‘My Dearest Holmes’ Quotes:
“She is known to be of good family, though they have long since ceased to recognise her.”

“He gave a most unpleasant emphasis to the word.”

The cover of ‘The Missing’ is lovely.

New ‘Twin Peaks’ episodes in 2016!

Martin Freeman is to star in a BBC2 drama about the Eichmann trial?

‘The Following’ deleted scenes Quotes:
“Poor old Ryan.”

“Do you think he’s wallowing somewhere in the bottom of a vodka bottle?”

On ‘Neighbours’: there is a ‘Great Gatsby’ themed hens and bucks party. Josh can’t act. Naomi dresses like a crackwhore. Brad and Lauren act aggravating. Chris and Brennan annoy. Strippers strip. Daniel announces his and Amber’s engagement prompting Amber’s dad Matt to ask: “Are you pregnant?”. Matt shoves Brad. Josh rages at Daniel. What a bunch of losers live on this street. Someone punches Chris.

Best Lines:
“You stole Amber from me!”

“He stole Amber from me! He did!”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: John-Paul decides to be the better man. Various crap plots regarding rag week, Esther, Grace and Big Bob drag on.
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