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Trailers, Quotes and a 1999 Tape Tale

‘Predestination’ trailer
Ethan Hawke stars in a film from the ‘Daybreakers’ people. He’s a temporal agent and stuff happens. No.

‘The Rage: Carrie II’ TV spot
This old ad shows one hell of a party.

Best Line:
“I’ve missed another killer party.”

‘Stalker’ promo
I’m there.

‘The Flash’ promo

‘Criminal Minds’ promo
Jennifer Love Hewitt has joined the cast.

Chocolate Covered Almonds - yum.
Walnut Fudge - divine.
Caramel Nibbles - good.
Cranberry & Pistachio choc - yum.
Cheese & Onion crisps drizzled with Tabasco - yum.
Pickled Onion crisps - okay.

I am reading ‘Maplecroft’.

Dallas’ has been cancelled?

Saw photo of Benedict Cumberbatch as Richard III, wash your damn hair!

‘The Following’ season 2 deleted scene Quote:
“It won’t end well.”

Banksy Quote:
“Keep off our worms.”

Home And Away’ Quote:
“Get over yourself.”

‘Sherlock’ Quotes:
“Don’t speak just leave.”

“Look how you care about John Watson, your damsel in distress.”

“Knowing is owning.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Amber wants her engagement to Daniel to be lauded and appreciated. Amber is a slut just like her mother. Chris and Nate continue their boring relationship. Karl and Susan’s blue sex box ends up at school. Shelia finds Josh and Naomi about to fornicate in the hot-tub. Naomi is wearing a slutty swimsuit. An ugly woman shows up to harass Paul. I’m waiting for Matt to smack Brad.

Best Lines:
“Blue box!”

“Get something new for the blue box.”

“Let’s not punish the box because of Lou.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Patrick and Frankie testify and join in the intolerable trashing of John-Paul’s reputation. The defence claims John-Paul manipulated Craig into a relationship, the hostility is cruel. Finn is the throat you want to choke. Ste and John-Paul reunite again. Dennis and Tom timewaste and are oxygen thieves. John-Paul has been dismantled; the whole trial has lacked clarity and coherence. Finn is found guilty and has no power orbit. John-Paul has been ignored, drowned out, pushed out and gets no apology. Finn and Sonny are gone from the opening credits. Big Bob returns to menace Esther and plot a drug heist with Freddie. Diane won’t apologise. Tony and Sinead get it on and Myra finds out about them. Tony is such a man-whore. John-Paul is fragile. Craig has to know about the trial yet has offered not one shred of support to John-Paul or their child, Craig is an arse.

Cleared out a 1999 tape. It began with a ‘Nash Bridges’ ep ‘Road Work’ in which Nash drives his very distinctive canary yellow Cuda around  whilst carrying a protective witness and trying to avoid the minions of a mobster (Louis Mandylor). This bored.

Then came a season 3 ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ ep ‘Enemies’ in which Buffy is a bitch to Faith some more. Faith wears black leather and works for the Mayor. There is foreshadowing of Dark Willow. Cordelia and Wesley flirt and Wesley can’t be authoritative. The Mayor and Faith try to turn Angel evil. Angel punches Xander in the face. It’s all a scam. This was dull.

Best Line:
“I like good positive up thoughts.”

Then came a ‘Vengeance Unlimited’ ep ‘Vendetta’ in which an IRS agent ruins his ex-girlfriend’s life. Mr Chapel fights back. There is sexism and Amanda Pays plays the ex-girlfriend’s friend.

Best Lines:
“Answers to nobody.”

“We laughed a lot about you.”

“Are you insane?”

Finally there was another season 3 ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ ep ‘Earshot’ in which Angel and Buffy have a non-constructive disagreement. There is sexism. The school newspaper has an obituary section. Buffy frets over developing telepathy. Willow whines. Buffy uncovers a murder plot. Jonathan is mocked and ignored. Bad acting is everywhere. A murderous lunch lady is foiled. Buffy wears a see-through white skirt to school. This was dull.

Best Line:
“It’s bordering on trendy at this point.”
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