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Book Reviews: 3:59 + Voices From Beyond

3:59 by Gretchen McNeil
From the author of ‘Ten’ comes this parallel worlds ‘Fringe’ like sci-fi tale. Josie has had her confidence eroded and her life is out of control. Her parents’ marriage has imploded, her boyfriend Nick cheated on her with her best friend and her physics teacher is a bully. When Josie sees her parallel universe doppelganger Jo in a mirror, she is fascinated and wants to experience Jo’s seemingly perfect life. But Josie soon learns that her assumptions were erroneous. Jo’s world is a dark crapsack place and Josie desperately wants to go home. Especially when she learns that in the darkness of Jo’s world, something is moving. This is an excellent book,

Best Lines:
“This place is evil. There are things. Evil horrid things.”

“She’d better pray that she never comes back here.”

“That everyone here seemed to know and loathe.”

“A population terrified to go out at night.”

“Parties make you weak.”

“A love that can’t be.”

Voices From Beyond by Simon R. Green
The 5th ‘Ghost Finders’ novel starts out with a creepy confident introduction about an impromptu botched séance. But then as the plot detours into a saga about a haunted radio station things get counter-productive and unequivocally boring. This is not scary or creepy. The big bad is defeated in ridiculous fashion and the references to ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Ghostwatch’ aren’t the slightest bit amusing. The way the characters act, talk and interact are almost identical to the inept ‘Secret Histories’ novel ‘Casino Infernale’. Green needs to curate original content before I get tired of his increasingly stale act.

Best Lines:
“I hate innocent bystanders. Always getting in the way, and underfoot, and dying horribly from collateral damage.”
“Except for when you use them to hide behind.”

“They open doors, and never to anywhere good.”

“Some even locked themselves in their taxis and pretended they couldn’t hear him.”

“You set fire to the map!”

“Like chewing on a towel,”

“She’ll say we’re trying to hide something.”
“We are!”

“Great jagged cracks split the sky apart, opening it up, so that Something could peer through from the other side.”

“The Men In Black will come around and take away your computer and tell the whole world what kind of porn you like to watch.”


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