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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Glue’ 1x04 promo
There’s more of this?

‘Gotham’ 1x03 promo
Balloons, hateful women, the Penguin and I’m not caring.

I am reading ‘3:59’, having put aside ‘The Infinite Sea’ for the moment.

I will review ‘Cthulhu Cymraeg’, ‘Hardship’, ‘Foul Deeds Will Rise’, ‘Dreams of the Golden Age’, ‘Growth’, ‘Cthulhu Lives’ and ‘Ultraviolet’.

Bruschetta - good.
Chocolate M&Ms - okay.

‘Dr Phil’ Quote:
“Did you send Ashley to go in a methhouse?”

So ‘The Tomorrow People’ is cancelled but questions remain. When Stephen rewound time to save cold fish Cara, why didn’t he rewind it to save his father? What became of Morgan and Jedikiah’s unborn child? Was John Jedikiah’s son? What was Jedikiah up to with his new DOD plan? Has Roger’s death finally sent him over the edge? Stephen’s brother Luca is human, so what will become of him?

Best Line:
“I’ve made him immortal.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Brad is stupid and inconsiderate. Lauren is obviously intent on stealing Brad from Terese, even Matt believes it. Paige troublemakes. It is inexplicable that Lauren doesn’t know how she comes across. Toadfish is a profoundly bad actor. Brad won’t stop having private conversations with Lauren and hanging out with her. He enjoys Terese’s pain. Paige rubs it in and gloats. Brad, Paige and Lauren act like they are the innocent ones.

Best Lines:
"Those kind of thoughts are just poisonous."

"I'm coming baby, I'm coming!"

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Ste flips out on the stand. Diane is a bitch. Ste robs The Hutch to get drug money. Nancy throws Darren out of his own house. She needs a punch in the face. Finn and Robbie testify. Nana points out John-Paul’s emotional damage to Diane. Robbie recalls that Darren is his half-brother. Darren recalls that Rick is Robbie’s dad. Ste buys drugs. Diane cakes on the mascara and takes the stand.

Best Line:
“I always win.”
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