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House Of Cards 1x11 - 1x13 + Glue 1x03 + The 100 1x13 Reviewed

Chapter 11
Underwood plays the VP into quitting and re-running for Governor. Underwood has ingenuity and mesmeric conviction and seems set for triumph as his master plan becomes clear. Christina stares disbelievingly at the self-destructing Russo. Claire hangs out with the boring stagnant Adam until she relinquishes him. One wonders if Tim was the real love of Underwood’s life. Zoë is innately dumb and not so reverential of Underwood. Russo contemplates being forthright so Underwood takes care of him. Claire heads home. Underwood wants to be VP. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“He’s got no idea how to lead, no sense of respect.”

“It’s over.”
“I know.”

“I wanted to be significant.”

“Where’s Claire?”
“Not here.”

“Is your bed always so perfectly made?”
“It’s a habit I formed at military school.”

“We will never speak of it.”

Chapter 12
Russo’s buddy Paul shows up and is asked to run for the late Russo’s seat. President Walker sends Underwood to meet billionaire Raymond Tusk (Gerald McRaney of ‘Major Dad’ and ‘Jericho’). Zoë, Lucas and Janine dig into Russo’s death and other stuff. Gillian has schematic ideas. Tusk is self-contradictory and has contrariness and narrowing of reason. Underwood wants posterity. Lucas has an almost violent reaction to a revelation by Zoë. This ep was a detriment and a static experience. Tusk cozens and Underwood’s hyper civilized veneer nearly cracks. President Walker is a corrupt liar. Tusk knows all about Underwood’s hypocrisy and dishonesty and regrets not making him Secretary of State. Underwood won’t be cajoled or coldly ordered. Claire displays evident irritation and is waspish. Underwood plots a negative image for Tusk.

Best Lines:
“She could put a crack addict to sleep.”

“That’s an idiotic idea.”


“He got evicted. Shooting off his gun too much in the yard.”

“I’m being played.”

“I find it extremely offensive.”

“You dissolved that good faith.”

“Nothing about you threatens me.”

Chapter 13
Underwood plays a major hand and shows what a psychopath he is. Gillian sues Claire based on a lie. Lucas is paranoid. Claire gets introspective. Linda is drawn into Underwood’s orbit. Claire has secrets and regrets. The Zoë plotline arouses not a trace of excitement. Zoë is onto Underwood. But Underwood and Tusk come to an understanding. Underwood is made VP and promises Meechum a job in the Secret Service. This was good; I’ll be there for season 2.

Best Lines:
“What was that?”
“A faucet. It wouldn’t shut up.”

“I got death threats for a year.”

“Meechum can be trusted.”

“Keep your sob story to yourself.”

“There is no solace above or below.”

“Go to town bitch.”

Glue 1x03
Screwing, mumbling and self-justifying tossers. No, no more!

Best Lines:
“She’s the one.”
“Is she?”

“You stole someone’s life.”

We Are Grounders, part 2
Bellamy, Raven and Clarke war monger and at some point Bellamy build a little model of the camp to make war plans on. The Ark prepares to descend to the Earth. The Chancellor sacrifices himself to make that happen. The Grounders and the 100 (technically the 85) fight. Lincoln takes Octavia. Clarke is smug about the mass murder she causes. Anya is captured and the Mountain Men show up. There is a twist and this was dull. The big reveal about the Mountain Men sets up an interesting twist for season 2.

Best Lines:
“Take us home.”
“Taking us home Sir.”

“Take down the gate!”

“And then?”
“Then we close the door and pray.”
“Then pray what? That the ship keeps them out? Because it won’t.”
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