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House Of Cards 1x06 - 1x10 + The Last Ship 1x03 + Reign 1x10 Reviewed

Chapter 6
The teachers are striking. Meechum is played by the Underwoods and isn’t very astute. President Walker is an ass. Underwood makes an idiot of himself during a TV debate. Claire hears a deathbed confession and shows her nasty side. Underwood exercises coercive control by provoking Marty into punching him in the face. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“I hate your husband.”
“A lot of people do.”

“The most you’ll ever make of yourself is blowing men like me.”

“That was as clumsy as the Lee Harvey Oswald prison transfer.”

Chapter 7
The Education Bill is signed. The VP complains about being cut out. There is blatant Apple product placement. A hooker knows too much. Peter Russo has dirty laundry. Zoë reconnects with Janine. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Too much Catholic school?”

“I didn’t get my pen.”

“I hear silence. I don’t like that sound.”

“Not my problem.”
“It could be.”

Chapter 8
Underwood is at his alma mater The Sentinel, South Carolina’s premier military college. The gripping uncomfortable Underwood creates more turmoil. Claire makes looks of pained concentration. Underwood is not as pernicious in this episode as he gets drunk with old friends and it is revealed he had a relationship with a classmate whilst attending The Sentinel. Peter Russo visits his virulently critical mother and is screamed at by chavs. He also slaps around an old friend. Underwood recalls when he was not such a malign influence and then walks away from when and where he was happy. Aw. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Some guy who went here. I think he’s dead.”

“I got in a fight.”
“Did you win?”

Chapter 9
Underwood works to pass Russo’s Watershed Bill. Remy bothers. Janine is onto Zoë. The VP has his own agenda. Zoë breaks up with Underwood. Claire’s acquiescent fortitude cracks and she kills the Watershed Bill. President Walker is an ass. Russo mans up. Gillian is pregnant. Zoë tells Underwood he’s bad in bed. Underwood is pissed off. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Die like a man!”

“There I’ve said it.”

“They say Dad’s a crackhead and that we’re crack babies.”

“Never slap a man while he’s chewing tobacco.”

“This is the part where you leave.”

“Now pay me.”

Chapter 10
Underwood learns of Claire’s betrayal and the couple exchange words. Russo rebels. Claire visits Zoë and then runs off to Adam. Russo screws up massively, with some assistance. Underwood is malevolent, insidious and defiant. This was mediocre.

Best Line:
“Change your tone I’m in no mood.”

Dead Reckoning
The USS Nathan James is confronted by the Russians. What happened to France? Are any Cubans alive? Things get very ‘The Hunt For Red October’. Chandler can speak Russian. Quincy pulls a gun, sadly nobody shoots him. Quincy makes an excuse. To escape the Russians, the USS Nathan James must sail by dead reckoning. Danny is irony free, Quincy is sulphurically awful, the Russians have a plan and Chandler is melancholic but not profound. This was good.

Best Lines:
“Your navy and your country no longer exist.”

“You saw what happened to France.”

“France was already dead.”

“I love you. Just stay away from me.”

Catherine plots against Bash. There is bad acting, exposition dump dialogue and Catherine castigating and venting. Bash and Mary encounter blood cultists and Mary rants about pagans. There is death in childbirth, foreshadowing and this was dull.

Best Lines:
“The more creative I will become in my retribution!”

“Only a fool would fear Henri more than that bastard.”

“Let’s be kind and call her a seductress.”

“You’re not smart enough to survive at court.”

“Where are you going? I’m not done abusing you.”

“Ignorant cruelty.”
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