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Book Reviews: Acceptance + Valour + Needful Things

Acceptance by Jeff VanderMeer
The 3rd and final entry in the ‘Southern Reach’ trilogy continues the downward spiral that set in with Book 2. Book 1 was wonderfully creepy, Book 2 sucked and this book is sadly inept. Some answers are given but not many. What and why is Area X - we’ll never know. This annoyed me with its badness.

Best Line:
“Did S&SB facilitate, knowingly or unknowingly, the creation of Area X?”

Valour by John Gwynne
The 2nd in ‘The Faithful and the Fallen’ saga is an ostentatious mess full of confrontational men, useless women, wildly excessive violence and people devoid of hope embroiled in an inaccessible plot. This was full of padding and the bad guys keep felicitously winning. A few characters feel deep unease as they realise the prince isn’t the anointed hero after all instead he is the villain of the story but they do nothing to correct this misjudgement. This was a benign boring mess.

Needful Things by Stephen King
In this 1992 novel, a store opens in the small town of Castle Rock. Mr Gaunt sells unattainable items to the covetous townsfolk and the price? Some inclemency which leads to events that are blackly comic rather than incredibly intimidating and horrible. This was a middling book that was made into a terrible movie. This tome contains dated pop culture references to: ‘Santa Barbara’, ‘Young Guns’, ‘Young Guns II’, Sinead O’Connor and Demi Moore.

Best Lines:
“Needful Things is a poison place, and Mr Gaunt is a poison man...swear to me you’ll never buy any of the poison things Mr Gaunt sells.”

“Psychotic garbage-head paranoia.”
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