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Movie Reviews: State of Play + Into The Wild

State Of Play (2009)
People die. A reporter (Russell Crowe) is an inviolable ass. A politician (Ben Affleck) is a JK wannabe. A blogger (Rachel McAdams) blogs. A private military contactor may be conspiring. The newspaper editor (Helen Mirren) growls. The reporter and politician are friends, sort of. The reporter is shagging the politician’s wife (Robin Wright). The reporter also thinks he is starring in his own personal ‘All The President’s Men’. There is conspiracy, PR, a street kid, mercenaries, Jason Bateman, twists, overacting, Jeff Daniels and this was terrible.

Best Lines:
“Did you read the guinea pig piece I filed?”

“Is your wife speaking to you?”
“No, not right now.”

“Platitudes, padding and fluff.”

“It’s laughable.”

Into The Wild (2007)
In 1990 after graduating from college, Chris walks away from family, friends, money and society to wander around the wilderness and hang out with hippies, weirdoes, bums and Bella Swan to escape technocratic imperialism or something. His self inflicted laissez-faire neglect leads to him dying in the Alaskan wilderness after poisoning himself by accident. This had an unwillingness to entertain and Chris was an exasperating idiot. This had pretty scenery but why are we mean to care about a hitchhiking moron who died from his own idiocy?

Best Line:
“Absurd and tedious duty.”
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