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Book Review: The Mammoth Book Of Warriors and Wizardry, part 2

The Mammoth Book Of Warriors and Wizardry edited by Sean Wallace, part 2

The Woman In Scarlet
By Tanith Lee. A swordsman is betrayed by his blade. Okay.

A sea creature is asked to fight. Okay.

A Warrior’s Death
In a warrior society, the incarnation of the war god is murdered. But why? Good.

A Siege Of Cranes
A man goes to defeat a monstrous thing that destroyed his village, begins with promise then is just plain bad.

Fox Bones. Many Uses
An outcast girl must flee with her people. Okay.

Where Virtue Lives
Ghuls are hunted. Dull.

The Effigy Engine: A Tale Of The Red Hats
Battle wizards fight a new foe. Good.

Best Lines:
“Elaran ration bread we call corpsecake for its pallor and suspected seasoning.”

“House of Recurring Shame.”

Strife Lingers In Memory
By Carrie Vaughn. She is the Queen and the destined love of the hero King. And she is afraid. This is an excellent story of what happens after the fantasy epic ends.

A Sweet Calling
Candy magic! Okay.

The Narcomancer
A tale of magic and hatred. Excellent.

Golden Daughter, Stone Wife
A terrible tale of a golem.

Effigy Nights
A city fights occupation but there is a price. Dark and semi-incoherent.

Wearaway and Flambeau
A thief thieves. Incompatible with enjoyment.

At The Edge Of Dying
Being close to death gives you magic. Dull.

By Naomi Novik. A Roman wastrel gets a dragon’s egg. Cue wacky adventures, the dramatic reveal of the wastrel’s identity, a cameo by a major historical figure and history changes. Good.

Best Line:
“He’d actually picked up a book the other day. Sure sign of desperation.”

Abjure The Realm
An Arthurian tale of an evil witch. Excellent.

The Word Of Azrael
Lovecraft meets high fantasy as a man seeks the Angel of Death. Excellent.

Lady Of The Ghost Willow
A ghost thing troubles a man. Who is behind it? Very good.

The Singing Spear
A drunken man, a legendary spear and a dark secret. Good.

So Deep That The Bottom Could Not Be Seen
In a ruined world, a shaman is petty. Excellent.

Best Line:
“Her stole rippled as the six fox heads lifted and hissed at the crowd.”

Warrior Dreams
A solider with PTSD fights a storm hag. Good.

The Magician And The Maid And Other Stories
Fairytales are trapped in the real world. Very good.
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