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‘Dracula Untold’ TV spot

‘Glue’ 1x03 promo
Yawn, this show is wasted potential.

Salted Caramel chocolate - yum.
Fondant au Chocolat Mug Cake - yum.
72% Dark Chocolate - yum.

So Jason Orange has left Take That, does anyone really care anymore?

I am reading ‘Acceptance’.

Review of 'Dream Stalkers' delayed.

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Any objective reality.”

“Mask her inner dialogue.”

‘The Tomorrow People’ Quotes:
“Jedikiah’s paranoia set in.”

“You stupid, stupid boy.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Brad continues his emotional adultery with Lauren, he really doesn’t care about Terese or his family. Brennan freaks out over a dress.

Best Line:
“You’re just oblivious to it all.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: George is gone from the opening credits and Myra is back in. Carmen turns on Sonny. Sienna says Tom locked her in the basement. Maxine wants to annul her marriage. Dodger tells Maxine how to behave. Dodger turns on Sienna. Cindy freaks out. Sienna won’t tell Dodger about Nico. Patrick plots and vows to take custody of Maxine’s baby also he won‘t annul their marriage. Sienna is crazy. Diane has Darren arrested. Myra, Mercedes and Phoebe may have killed Sonny. Ste overdoses. Sinead yells.

Best Lines:
“Mininging old cot.”

“A jobless slut with a gypsy boyfriend.”

“Where are you going?”
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