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Book Review: Last Sacifice

Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead
The 6th and final ‘Vampire Academy’ novel sees Rose accused of killing the Queen. She and Dmitri have to escape and somehow prove her innocence to avoid a death sentence. Her ever useless placeholder boyfriend Adrian is useless. Rose and Dmitri get back together. Lissa competes for the empty throne. Enemies, friends and old faces all comes together for this final adventure. This was good as yet more secrets of the vampires come out. The sequel series ‘Bloodlines’ is set up but I really don’t care.

Best Lines:
“I remembered that she was from Utah and probably didn’t know any better.”

“And so, another usurper passes on.”

“The Tainted Queen is dead.”

“Then, remembering the causal way these people had spoken about fights to the death, I decided to keep my views to myself.”

“Vampire hillbillies.”

“Did you set out a bear trap on the tennis courts or something?”

“If she has any sense, Vasilisa will send her away.”
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